Why Should Chemicals Never Be Placed Directly on A Balance?

People often wonder why should chemicals never be placed directly on a balance. It seems silly that these little rules are often neglected. When people work with chemicals in their workplaces or labs, it is important to get the right amount. Therefore, people also need to know why should an individual working with chemicals understand the hazard.

There are many factors such as safety risks, experiment error, and damage equipment that effect an error of measurement. You need to be aware of conditions that accompany chemicals experiments. So, please should follow the safety rules to keep safe when doing any measurement.

Why should chemicals never be placed directly on a balance

The primary method to measure chemicals is to weigh them. This allows determining their mass. The common tools to do it is by using a balance pan. The general rules in a chemical environment are chemicals never be placed directly on a balance. Almost every chemical students, workers, and scientist know this rules. It is dangerous to put chemicals in a balance without any containers, unless they don’t have any reaction to room temperature.

There are several reasons why this rule applies in all the safety measures of any chemicals experiments, among the most common reasons are includes:

1. Many chemicals react with the balance pan

Some chemicals attract moisture and can cause corrosion. These chemicals surely left some parts in the pan. Any residue that sticks to the pan can cause errors to the weighing. It could also contaminate any other chemicals weighed afterward. Therefore, instead of weighing materials directly on the balance pan, always weigh the chemicals in or on something as the container.

2. Chemicals can damage the pan.

There is two type of balances, you can use the Dial-O-Gram balance or the electronic top-loading balance. Although it is more convenient to use a digital balance pan. It tends to broke easily. If someone accidentally to put chemicals directly in a balance pan, it not only corrupted the measurement but also damage the balance pan.

Some chemicals compounds can corrode the pan. Moreover, other chemicals can leaks out and go into the balance and damage the electronics. This will make the measurement incorrect and you cant use the balance pan anymore.

These pans balance actually very durable. They can be used by many people but they require a right handling. It may break if they are not used correctly. You always need to follow instruction for each balance you work with. It is also important to ask your instructor for any questions.

3. Keep the balance pan clean.

All activities during any chemicals experimental need cleaning all the time. It also keeps everyone aware if something is spilled. The rule to keep the balance clean can also prevent chemicals from mixing with other chemicals. There are reasons why should you never mix chemicals together due to its hazardous reactions. Make sure things are clean before and after a chemicals experiments. 

4. Measurement error

Especially in analytical chemistry, any chemicals left in the balance pan cause major errors. It can stain its impurities from the pan mixing with the chemicals. Moreover, it can lead to an unsuccessful experiment. It is super crucial to keep the process clean to have a safe and successful experiment.

5. Cross-Contamination

There are a lot if in the reason why you should never place chemicals directly to balance pan. For example, If you place something on the pan directly, even after you think you have clean it. There a small number of chemicals left. Then, other people weight other chemical compounds. You need to put the container to prevent material mixed up or your chemicals end up in other people sample.

6. Safety reasons

You always need to stay safe around chemicals compounds. There are many health issues if you didn’t handle the substance properly. For example, you know that chemicals never be smelt by putting the container to your nose, it can cause respiration problems. If you put toxic chemicals on the balance and there is some residue left, another person could get ill from it. You also need to be careful to never return excess chemicals to its original bottle, it may result for some harmful outcome. 

Prevention and Safety Measures

Anything that can result in danger to the people and the surrounding area needs proper guidance. There are things that you need to pay attention in a laboratory when dealing with balance pan, includes:

  1. If you spill something, clean it – cleanliness is very important. When you work with a chemical substance, especially the toxic ones, clean it. When there is an error, it is best to clean it right away.
  2. Cautions – If the balance doesn’t work properly, report to the managing in charge. If you think something doesn’t go along as part of the procedures. it is best to ask for expert opinions.
  3. Use a clean container – You need to know that chemicals never be placed directly on a balance. Use a container to ensure the purity of the substance. You always make sure that the containers are clean.
  4. Always make sure thing clean before you start working – Many scientists work alongside another scientist. students also share their labs with others. You need to make sure your workplace is clean if the person before you accidentally leave the lab not very cleans. There are many hazardous substances in the workplace.
  5. Also, make sure you clean everything – Workplace should always clean. It is an advantage to work in a clean environment. Leave your lab just as before you start. it is even better if you keep it even cleaner.

There are many rules to follow when someone is measuring any chemicals in the laboratory. Whatever the substance that you are working with, hazardous or not always to remember to detail everything. Your careful act can ensure the success of an experiment. It also saves lots of time compared to redo an entire experiment, due to an error of measurement.