Why Should You Use a Biodegradable Chemicals When Cleaning the Kitchen

Nowadays people clean almost everything, from clothes, kitchen set, tableware, interiors, and many more. People do it because cleaning and hygiene are a culture in modern society. Since the importance of cleanliness already well known, people are started to use cleaning products frequently. But many does not realize that most cleaning product are harmful to the environment also to their health. That is why we have to use biodegradable chemicals, especially when cleaning the kitchen.

Kitchen is a place where people preparing their food. It has to be clean and hygienic to reduce the risk of illness because of bacteria. Bacteria which can live on rotten food debris would able to spreads into fresh food through dirty utensils. Therefore cleaning the kitchen should be done regularly.

Not only regularly, cleaning the kitchen is something that must be done well. Cleaning the kitchenware immediately after it used is a way to prevent the illness. But some people do not aware about cleaning products that could bring harm when we cleaning the kitchen.

The harm can be caused by the chemical cleaning products. Most chemical cleaning products in the market are non-organic based. Which means those products could be dangerous.

If you have a concern about your health regarding to cleaning products, you have to avoid products which contains dangerous chemicals. The most easiest way to notice whether if the product dangerous or not is, by noticing the harm warning. Avoid the products which:

  • Inflammable

Most ordinary people who does not understand chemistry or cleaning protocol can be in risk because some chemicals are inflammable and can be ignited accidentally. To avoid such accident it is safer not to buy any products that has inflammable warning on it. Also, check out more about Safe Uses of Cleaning Chemicals in The Hospitality Industry

  • Corrosive

Chemical cleaning products mostly offering whitening and cleaning stains as results of fat or food waste. But the products are using dangerous substance such as acid which is corrosive. Corrosive chemicals can cause irritation and skin burn.

Considering the danger of using cleaning chemicals, then we need to find another alternatives. The alternative to clean the kitchen is using biodegradable chemicals. Also, check out more about Examples of Corrosive Household Chemicals

Biodegradable chemicals are substance that made from plants therefore its ecological friendly. Because its organic, it does not have any serious harm when used as cleaning agent. Also, it is easier to make because it is cheaper and simple. Plus you can store ingredient as a normal food.

Here are the example of biodegradable cleaning chemicals that you can use for cleaning the kitchen:

  1. Lemon

As science finds lemon has the ability of anti-bacterial. It can kill almost any bacteria that can be found in the kitchen. Lemon also has fresh odor which can be a good sense of hygiene. We can be lemon to clean the dish wares, such as plates, spoon, fork etc. Thus, that’s why should you use a biodegradable chemicals when cleaning the kitchen.

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda has specific reaction when used as cleaning agent. It can make a corrosive like reaction which can dissolve any stains. But since baking soda is organic, it safe to use. We can use it to clean the metal wares on the kitchen. Also, check out more about Acid Solution Examples in Daily Life

Baking soda also has the ability to absorb odor. If our kitchen smells bad, we can use baking soda as smell absorber. 

  1. Natural Soap

Difference between petroleum based soap and natural soap are the ingredient. Petroleum based soap are made from non-renewable oil. While natural soap are made from plant based oil. Natural based soap can be used for cleaning any dish wares.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is natural acid which can be used to clean the kitchen sink just like baking soda. It mostly made from apple juice which already fermented. But there are many ready to buy vinegar products on the market. So we do not have to made it by our self. But because vinegar is acidic, use it only for stainless or metal ware.

  1. Water

Most people do not see water as an effective cleaning agent. While in fact it is quite effective. If we do not have any additional cleaning chemical to clean the kitchen, water is enough. But yes it is can be better if you mix the water with other chemicals above. Also, check out more about Toxic Chemical Found in Gold Coast Water

Using biodegradable chemicals are not only as effective as the synthetic or non-organic chemicals but it is also safe to be used. However you can not use one ingredient for all treatment because some ingredient has different characteristic to the kitchen ware.

We have to use it carefully to get effective results. Biodegradable chemicals is good solution to clean up or mess at the kitchen also to save the environment. Thus, that’s why should you use a biodegradable chemicals when cleaning the kitchen.