12 Toxic Chemical Found in Gold Coast Water – Water Pollutants

Gold Coast is a city in Queensland, Australia. Study claims that Gold Coasters pay more for water bill than any Australians. However, because of the use of chemicals in industry, the water flowing in Gold Coast may contain toxic chemicals list of inorganic water pollutant that can endanger both environment and the individual who drink the water. Moreover, water in some beaches also contaminated with toxic chemicals. Here are toxic chemicals found in Gold Coast water.

  1. PFAS

A chemical that shocked the public because it contaminated the entire sea of Gold Coast beach and some water sewages is PFAS. PFAS stands for poly-fluoroalkyl substances. It is a common chemical in Australia for household product. Those products mainly are the ones who are resistant to heat, oil, and stain.

This chemical is not mean to be free in environment nor for human to consume. Kirra Beach is the one that get the worse contamination. Contamination of PFAS can kill water organism, accumulate within organism, and cause several health problems to human from nausea to internal organ damage.

  1. Manganese

Manganese is one of list of chemical elements on periodic table with symbol Mn. It is a metal mineral often found in iron. The use of manganese usually deals with steal, the reaction of manganese can help to prevent corrosion in steel.

However, manganese is toxic to both environment and organism because it is not digestible. The material itself is often found in iron in which it is a heavy metal element. Possible hazards that manganese can cause if it contaminate Gold Coast water is bioaccumulation, decline of plants and animals, and health problems to human such as cancer and internal organ damage.

  1. PolyDadMac

Polydadmac is a chemical that stands for Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride. This chemical is a primary organic coagulant in water waste management. In water sewage or water purification product, PolyDadMac plays role to help coagulate some dirts in the water. Moreover, it is also soluble in water.

Nonetheless, a synthetic chemical in excessive amount in water is dangerous. Environment cannot tolerate dense amount of PolyDadMac and some water plants may start acted degrading as well as animal organism on water. Despite it being good coagulant, humans also are not immune to the danger of excessive contamination.

  1. Chlorine Dioxide

Another chemical found in Gold Coast water is Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is oxidizing agent and one of components in water treatment or chlorination as in the chemicals in water supply. The chemical is in the list of chlorination chemical. Purpose of chlorination is to get rid of bacteria inside water.

Low dose of chlorine dioxide for cleaning water alone is generally safe, but if its waste is on public water supposed not only for swimming but also drinking is different matter. If it contaminates water in high concentration can cause imbalance ph. It can either trigger overgrow or undergrow of water plants. Moreover, chlorine dioxide is not something human can consume, thus making it a too acid chemical inside human and can cause internal irritation within body. Thus, this chemical should not be freely disposed to water. 

  1. Carbon

Carbon is part of chemicals in periodic table with symbol C. As a main compound, there are many Carbon uses in daily life and derivation beneficial for human and industry. In water treatment, people often use Carbon to get rid of unwanted water organism such as algae and other useless waterplants. Since it is effective, its waste has recently contaminated Gold Coast water and caused a lot of decline of water organism.

Too much Carbon in water will pollute water, causing the water to taste bitter and is not really the healthiest component to be in water. Therefore, the use of Carbon to get rid of unwanted organism should be in minimum dosage only.

  1. Alkali

Another potential water pollutant is Alkali. Alkali is a mineral that often used in electricity conductor. Alkali generally is safe only for non-digestible products or in a very small dose. If it happens for a water source to have Alkali in high level of contamination, there may be several possible hazards that may occur.

First, water organisms will decline as the water will become too to toxic as living place and source of nutrient. Moreover, the alkali may accumulate within one’s body if they keep consuming water with excessive alkali in it.

  1. Copper

Mineral that contributes the one of biggest pollutants in water is Copper. Copper contaminates water through industrial waste. This chemical is an element in periodic table with symbol Cu. This is a common metal material to make jewelry and accessories. However, Copper is not something meant for consumption.

If it gets to living organism, it will start to accumulate and damage internal organ. Moreover, the copper contamination is also very dangerous to the flow of the water as copper may transport to different water path and widen the pollution even more. 

Other Toxic Chemical Found in Gold Coast Water

Here is the list of toxic chemical found in gold coast water:

  • Cadmium
  • Arsenic
  • Ammonia
  • Silver
  • Mercury

How to Check Contaminated Water

Contaminated water often show signs of contamination such as bubble on the water, stinky or unpleasant odor, change of color in the water. A more serious contamination is more obvious with the decline of living organism inside water. Some cases affected humans where several people gradually poisoned or have their life span becomes shorter after drinking contaminated water for so long.

Start by checking the ph of the water. Do not immediately taste the water. Instead, find a sign whether there is unusual odor of the water as in knowing Most Harmful Effects of Chemical Waste. After that, see whether the living organism inside the water are all alive and in good condition or not. The last, report to authorization if there is illegal chemical waste in the water for further investigation.