Chemical Properties Of Popcorn – Watch Out The Harmful Substances You Might Eat

The guilty pleasure food that tastes good is hard to resist when you are watching a movie. There is a combination of Household Chemicals That Go Boom. Popcorn is all about making something Pop. This popular snack is addicting and incredibly tasty. People consume it either with butter or caramel, giving salty or sweet flavors.

The chemical properties in popcorn change when it receives heat. Hard corn becomes a pop of soft, and edible popcorn. There are so many things going on in the process of making popcorn.

So, is popcorn healthy or not? That is a daunting question because it can actually go both ways. The corn that makes popcorn is never a GMO food (amazing!). However, it often has pesticides coating (too bad!).

Bad Chemicals Properties in Popcorn

Based on nutritional levels the popcorn that you put on a microwave, movie’s popcorn and the ones with additional flavoring or coloring additive are bad popcorn.

  • Movie Popcorn. It comes in large size. Even a medium popcorn contains more than 1,200 calories and 60 grams of fat. It equals to the whole day calories and fat intake. Moreover, the additional Effects of Food Additives Health Environment are both alarming.
  • Microwave Popcorn. The nutritionist will say microwave popcorn is better than movie popcorn. This opinion develops because you can ensure there is no additive addition.
    However, there are also the Dangers Of Microwave Popcorn that lurking to our health. It may be a better choice when it comes to fat and calorie content. Sadly, there are actually more dangerous chemicals in microwave popcorn. It contains chemicals that equally as dangerous to your health.
    The bag contains dangerous chemicals. The additional flavorings already inside the bag. 2, 3-butanedione (diacetyl) which cause inflammation in the lungs. The butter flavor also comes from pyrazines, nutty flavors come from 2-acetyl pyrazine. Other aromas include pyridine, phenol, and aldehyde with a lesser dose.
  • Non-organic Popcorn. Pesticides coating come from the very start of corn planting. There are over than 10 pesticide residues in the agricultural corn. It is highly carcinogens, with mostly causes endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins.
Good Chemicals Properties in Popcorn

The with popcorn is all the additional stuff that ruins all the good chemicals that exist in it. A natural whole grain is always a great source of energy. There are many rich sources of the antioxidant, fibers and many great properties that even better than fruits.

The Industrial Chemicals In Food concentrate more on eating with the eyes that need more coloring. Moreover, it tries to build up appetites from using all chemicals that ruin the nutritious content. Homemade popcorn with simple ingredient is healthier and better. 

  • High in Antioxidant. There are more than 300 milligrams of polyphenols than the 160 grams in one serving of fruit. Polyphenols help body water and nutrition distribution.
    Fruits and Vegetable may have less antioxidant. However, it has much other nutrition that the body needs such as vitamins and minerals.
  • High in Fiber. There is enough fiber intake in one serving of plain popcorn. It completes the body needs for a high fiber diet.
    Moreover, it protects the heart, assist the digestion process and prevent diabetes. It is a better carbs option than chips or tortilla chips.
  • Filling Snacks. When it comes to munching craves, among the many processed food, popcorn is a better choice. It can satisfy the craving of snacking and makes a filling feels. Therefore, it is a great way from slowly moving to a healthier diet.
  • Not a Genetically Modified Corn (for Now). By now, the growing number of a long List Of Chemicals In GMOs that worries the world. And luckily, for the time being, there is no GMO corn that can cause allergies, tumors, cancer, and even early death.
  • Healthy Bones. The high concentration of manganese helps bone formation. It maintains a dense, and healthy bones. Therefore, Manganese is a great nutrient that makes eating popcorn a healthy choice. Moreover, it helps to avoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.

The love and hate relationship in consuming popcorn depends on the material itself.

As a processed food, the more additional additive inside popcorn makes it less and lesser healthy. Therefore, always remember that organic food that is closer to a fresher serving is always better.