Dangers of Microwave Popcorn – Know The Harmful Substances

Before you grab that package Popcorn take a look at this list of dangerous chemicals that microwave popcorn can do to our body. As sweet and easy it is to popcorn and enjoying it in front of the TV, there is not so friendly effect on human health.

There are various Industrial Chemicals In Food and one of them exist in popcorn microwave. It uses electric heat to make thing either warmer or cooked. However, the process itself may not so healthy after all.

  1. The Bag

The plastic wrapper of a common popcorn package bag breaks after the microwave heats it. At the same time, it also changes the plastic chemicals into other forms of dangerous chemical that has bad effects on human.

  • Perfluorooctanoic (PFOA). The substance has a label of “likely carcinogen.” It has relations to cancer and other carcinogenic diseases. It has the same component of the toxic ingredient in pots and pans.
  • Diacetyl. The same substance that works as fake butter flavoring. It enhances the buttery taste of popcorns without actually use any butter. Food additive issues in popcorn also exist in the List Of Chemicals In McDonald Food. Sadly not many people are aware of it.
  • Perfluoroalkyl, and Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). This substance avoids popcorn bags to get grease from the fats. During the heating process, these chemicals mix with the popcorn that you consumed. These compounds are health nightmare and ruled as ‘likely carcinogens’ by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It causes the problem to the endocrine system, thyroid, bladder cancer and much more.

2. The Content

Some of the world’s most popular popcorn brand states in their ingredients content of having food coloring and artificial flavor.  Moreover, some even state the chemicals in the bag to preserve freshness. There is a long list of severe Effects Food Additive Health Environment.

  • GMO, Even though popcorn tastes great, it also contains GMO which form emulsifiers in any food. There is List Of Chemicals In GMOs that basically discuss everything bad in food.
  • Tertiary Butylhydroquinone or TBHQ. It is a chemical form Butane. The butane itself is already deadly. It is one of many Uses Of Butane In Everyday Life that should be banned completely. The safe dose in processed food is only about 0.02 percent of the total. Overdose from this ingredient can lead to various severe conditions such as ADHD in children, allergies, dermatitis, and allergies.
  • 2,3-Pentanedione, a compound that works as a flavoring. It has a similar effect as diacetyl. Moreover, it causes gene alternations in brains as well as other dangerous effects.
  • Trans fats. A very concerning part of any food products that are linked to various health issues. It contributes to bad cholesterol, coronary artery illness and builds up plaque. It keeps until the package is heated. So, of course, FDA has issues banned and limitation to the ingredient.

These chemicals are delicious yet dangerous at the same time. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to make your own popcorn with a simple ingredient in your home.

Watch what you eat and make sure to understand the Importance Of organic Chemistry In Food Industry. Consuming popcorn in a bag and pop it in the microwave create hazarous result with long term effects.