A-Z Industrial Chemicals in Food – Harmful Substances

Chemicals are what makes all living things alive. Industrial chemicals are a totally different thing that makes life easier but it does not go well with mother nature. All things that are alive and even our food are chemicals, either natural or synthetic ones.

To meet the demand for eating with your eyes, first. Many food producers turn to additives to ensure an appealing looking food on the shelves. Sadly, there are bad side Effects Food Additives Health Environment.

They also recommend people to avoid foods that are listed as process food. These are the kind of food that contains many Industrial chemicals in it.
Packaging Additional Danger
  • Phthalates. Your shelf food that looks great with a great wrapper and plastic covers may seem hygienes from germs. However, it contains Phthalates. The same substance in the plastic gloves that chef wears, the soap bar that you are using and much other cooking equipment.
  • DEHP (Di-Ethylhexyl Phthalate), A substance that exists in the list of banned chemicals in the world. The world knows this material as one of the Most Dangerous Chemicals In The World. It has been sitting far too long in the surface of various fast food items. It remains in the surface of butter, cheese, and meat packaged in vinyl cover.
  • DiNP (Di-Isononyl Phthalate), this substance receive lesser attention than another Phthalate group. Nevertheless, it creates huge problematic issues as well. There are also some countries that has began to put a ban on this substance. This substanse is under HM List Of Chemicals Banned In Production. Its toxic effects on human as well as to animals which become a world wide issues.
  • DEHA is another plastic wrap material that you can find in every household. It has chemical compounds that are “plasticizer” which has a similar form with DEHP.
Food Preservation And Additive
There are many chemicals that make food stay fresher longer with bright colors. If it weren’t for these industrial chemicals, we will be eating things fresh from the farm that tend to rot quicker.
  • Nitrates and nitrites, the duo chemicals in most meat process food that preservatives protein for longer usage. Long term contamination can impact thyroid hormone production and also the ability of blood to deliver oxygen in the body. Nitrates and nitrites also have been linked with gastrointestinal and nervous system cancers.
  • 1-Methylcyclopropene, the substance to enable fruits to look fresher and maintain their color for a long time. The substance is sprayed and can get inside the fruits, despite the healthy effect of natural fruits to begin with. 

Artificial Coloring And Flavoring

The FDA bans many chemicals that fall under the artificial coloring compound which particularly very carcinogens. There are some who also receive restricts usages. This restriction suggests a large amount of danger and risks in colouring additives.

  • Aspartame, sugar substitutes that appeal to its healthier choices. Unfortunately, there are too many artificial chemicals that the body just simply can not digest. There is List Of Artificial Sweeteners You Should Avoid and this substance is one of it.
  • Astaxanthin, add appealing colour in fishes, farmer sprays this substance into fishes. This effects the colour and yet also effects other ealth issues that seeme far from the diet it self.
  • Sodium Benzoate is a common chemical to preserve dairy products such as milk, cereals, drinks, meat products, and many more. The food is some real and some synthetic. In the long run, they can cause various illness such as headaches, asthma, stomach upset, and various other diseases.

Be careful about putting the food on your table. As hard as you wish to have a complete healthy fresh food. In this era, it is really impossible to make it happen.

There is the walking distance that the vegetables and food need to get from the farm to your kitchen. So, makes sure to eat locally, and consume fresher ingredient.