20 List of Effective Chemicals to Kill Algae in Aquarium

Small numbers of algae actually is not a problem but when it dominates the environment, it will disturb the environment, especially the fish. Let alone if those algaes are in aquarium, it is too bothersome and even dangerous as they can suck up the oxygen.

Therefore, aquarium owner has to get rid of the algae. However, getting rid of it is not as easy as we think. Using bare hands will not do the job well.

That is why there are some chemicals needed to kill algae. Here is the list of chemicals to kill algae in aquarium.

  1. Copper Sulfate

The first chemical that we usually use to kill algae is copper sulfate. Copper sulfate or cupric sulfate is an effective chemical to get rid of algae. It is also good to be as herbicide to get rid of some unwanted plants. In order to use copper sulfate as chemical to kill algae, the step is simple. Make a solution using copper sulfate and water. Make the ratio about two third of water and the rest is copper sulfate.

After that, put the solution into the aquarium. Do it once a week or until the water in aquarium becomes clear again. This chemical is also useful as Chemicals for Colored Flames.

  1. Fentin Acetate

Another chemical that we can use to get rid of algae is fentin acetate. Fentin acetate belongs to organotin compound. This chemical is beneficial as herbicide and algaecide. The acid compound in fentin acetate will get rid of algae that makes the ph of the water imbalanced.

To use fentin acetate as algaecide, there are two ways to do that. First, make a solution of it with low concentrate of fentin acetate. The second is to pour a little bit of fentin acetate of high concentrate. Also change the water circulation for better result. Then, read about Safe Chemicals to Clean Fish Tank 

  1. Endothall

Endothall is a chemical that is effective enough to kill algae in aquariu,. This chemical is among chemical that is safe and drinkable in water under certain dosage. Belongs to organic acid, the acidity of it can kill algae. Put a little drop of high concentrated endothall while cleaning the aquarium to make sure the algae will not come back to re grow in the aquarium. Always make sure the high concentrate chemical is put in low dose.

  1. Benzalkonium Chloride

Also known as BZK or BKC, is an organic salt that is best known as herbicide and algaecide.  It usually comes in white to yellowish powder. Very soluble in water, we can use benzalkonium chloride either directly or as solution with water as algaecide.

You can also add this chemical when you change the water of the aquarium. By doing it, the algae in the old water of the aquarium will not come back. Use it regularly until we wipe all the algae in aquarium. Do not directly pour the chemical for high concentrate of it may endanger the fish instead. (Related to List of Inorganic Water Pollutants). 

  1. Diclorophen

Alternative chemical that you can use to clean the aquarium from algae is diclorophen. Diclorophen is a compound that is soluble to water. It will also help to balance the ph in the water. Algae in aquarium usually makes the ph imbalanced and suck up the oxygen that the fish need.

Therefore, if we add diclorophen in the water, it will help to dissolve the pH and make it much friendlier environment for the fish. Make sure not to overuse it and only use when there is algae attack in the aquarium. This is also useful to clean water in pool.

  1. Dichlone

Among other chemicals that you can use to kill algae is dichlone. Dichlone is simiar to diclorophen. This chemical works by balancing the ph and kill the source of living for algae. During chronic algae attack, the water usually becomes green instead of clear or bluish, the fish will have difficulty to breath. Thus, we use dichlone to diffuse the algae and make the water clearer. We can use the chemical minimum once a week.

  1. Hydrated Lime

While ordinary lime will not have any effect on aquarium water, when it comes to hydrated lime,it is a different case. Hydrated line is an alternative to clean the aquarium and kill algae. The acid in it will fight the substances algae produce and bring back the normal Ph of the water.

Thus, we can start using hydrated lime during cleaning the aquarium. We can pour some hydrated lime into the aquarium and wait untilbe brush out the dirt in aquarium. After that, refill the water and see whether algae will come back again or not. Limeis also useful as Chemicals Used in Cooling Tower Water Treatment.

  1. Simazine

Another effective chemical to kill algae in aquarium is simazine. Simazine is crystalline compound that is soluble in water.it worksby inhibiting the process of photosynthesis of the algae. Therefore, algae will not be able to do photosynthesis when they come in contact with simazine.

To clean the aquarium with simazine, make a solution of water and this chemical. Use it to replace the water of the aquarium. However, Europe bans the simazine and there may be some side effects that caused the banning. 

Use This Chemicals to Control Algae in Aquarium

Other chemicals to kill algae in aquarium include:

  • Isoproturon
  • Nabam
  • Oxyfluorfen
  • Quinoclamine
  • Terbutryn
  • Tiodonium
  • Cybutryne
  • Bethoxazin
  • Pentachlorophenyl laurate
  • Quinonamid
  • Diuron
  • Barley Stew Extract

Taking care of aquarium needs time and patience as algae may keep growing inside it. Cleaning it efficiently with the right chemical will help to make the aquarium stay clean for longer time. Also, always make sure the chemical we use to kill algae will not harm the fish and other specimens inside aquarium. Indeed, there are 20 list of chemicals to kill algae in aquarium.

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