12 List of Importance of Organic Chemistry in Industry

Before the vast development of science that enables artificial invention, organic chemistry was all that humans have to sustain and improve their life. Despite many inorganic and synthetic substances, organic chemistry still plays huge role industry.

List of Importance of Organic Chemistry in Industry

Not to mention many of the newly developed chemicals are derivation of organic compound. Organic compound itself is one that comes from nature source or occur naturally. The variations of organic chemistry range widely. Surely there are many importance of organic chemistry in industry.

  1. Food Additive

As food is the main source of living, its industry is growing fast in the last decades with some major innovation accompanied with the latest technology. These industries need food additive to enhance their food products. Organic chemicals are the best choices as they blend better to food than synthetic additive.

For example, carotenoid is food coloring as well as food emulsion derivated from carrot and any orange-colored vegetable. The food enhancer that makes the taste of the food delicious, monosodium glutamate, is crystallized sugar waste. Food preserver like salt and hydrogen oxide are all from organic chemistry.

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  1. Textile Support

Not only in food production, in textile industry, organic chemistry is also much cared. The most expensive fiber is produced by silk caterpillar. Some of the best textile coloring are from organic derivates. Sure thing that textile industry has more inorganic compound involved but the chemicals dated in the past industry mostly rely on organic source from coloring, material, to pattern.

Leather of the best quality is from organic source as well as the safest coloring also from organic compound. Seeing how even the industry replaced by synthetic still rely on organic chemistry proves the importance of organic chemistry in industry.

  1. Main Substance

Many products from industry have their main substances from organic chemistry. Polymers, that are widely used is an organic compound. There is also ammonia, nitrogen, methane, octane that work for various industry with oil and fuel industry being the top ones benefited from organic chemistry with oil and gas contributed the most to a country budget.

Without their existence in nature, it is impossible for their industry to grow as the organic compounds are what they look for. Those oils and gases can turn into very beneficial commercial products.

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  1. Basic of Pharmaeutical

Many of organic compounds are the basic of pharmaeutical industry. Before the discovery of modern medicine, organic medicine was the sole cure of many disease. Not only organic compounds act as material for the medicine itself but also material for the coating.

Coated medicine helps to reduce the bitter flavour as well as to preserve the medicine for longer time. Some of the invented medicine use organic compound as the prototype in order to create new and effective medicine. What needs to be noted is that medicines from organic compounds generally are more acceptable to human body as well as more environmentally friendly.

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  1. Cleaning Agent

Cleaners in modern industry come in more various kind. Little do people know that many of them are from organic compound derivation. Even though many inorganic cleaners already popular, some of the basic materials are from organic compound. Take example at degradable detergent as well as degradable plastic which both of them used naturally friendly components that can decompose easily.

This is because after all, the use from nature is what best to be back to nature. Many inorganic compounds cause pollution that is hard to get rid of, while naturally friendly compound is easier to degrade and cause less pollution. That marks the importance of organic chemistry specifically in cleaning agent industry.

  1. Agricultural Products

Fertilizer and pesticide as the main weapon for agriculture industry are mostly from organic derivation. Even the synthetic fertilizer has the organic compounds to fulfill the plants need of nutrient. Nitrogen, hydrogen, and many other important fertilizers occurs naturally.

Effective pesticide that is naturally friendly also organic compound derivates. The substance from organic waste such as ammonia is a very multiple beneficial for the industry. Moreover, they are all would not exist without the help of organic chemistry in discovering them, making a better step in agricultural industry way before a lot synthetic and artificial substances are invented. Let’s check more list of importance of organic chemistry in industry! 

  1. Chemical Solvent

Many industries need chemical solvent when they want to react one chemical with another. Chemical solvent acts as separator to dissolve a chemical without changing the characteristic of the chemical. Solvent is important in products such as paint, medicine, and pesticide.

Without chemical solvent those products will not perform well. Organic chemistry as chemical solvent can be hydrogenated solvent, oxygenated solvent and halogenated solvent. Furthermore, these solvent basically are based organic chemistry compound as most of the dissolved chemicals are organic compound too.

  1. Weaponry Industry

Some of the deadliest weapons have some organic chemicals as the fuel of their deadly power especially for explosive. Black powder as the early explosive material found in 9th decade by some Chinese was the beginning of explosive development.

Moreover, the more developed gunpowder has many uses not only as weapon but also in other industry such as match and firework production. Some explosive comes from reaction of two or more organic chemical such as ammonia and other chemical. Seeing how many explosives generally are from organic compound it means it is not only safe but can also be deadly chemical.

Other Uses of Organic Chemistry

List of Importance of Organic Chemistry in Industry – Other uses of organic chemistry in industry includes:

  • Mechanical Support
  • Raw Material
  • Production Support
  • Waste Management

Organic chemistry surely plays huge role in all aspect of life including industry. However, the use of inorganic and synthetic compound is now also very wide. It depends on the efficiency and effectivity of those compounds as most factories will prefer saving cost chemical. That is all about the importance of organic chemistry in industry.

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