Foods Banned in Europe but Not US – Restricted Foods

Modern processing of food now contains food additive in order to enhance the food. The food additive used chemical infused to the food. However, the food additive may not always safe for it can contain hazardous substance or poses potential harm in the future.

However, the food is not always considered safe in many countries. There are foods that are banned in Europe, yet the food are allowed in United States but banned in other countries. Below is the list of foods banned in Europe but not US.

  1. Hormone-infused Dairy and Milk

In order to push the production of milk, farmer gives hormone injection to female cows. The hormones that the farmer injects to the cow is synthetic hormone called recombinant bovine growth hormone or abbreviated as Rbgh. Initial purpose of this hormone injection is to increase the stock of milk as well as dairy product.

Hormone Infused Dairy Problems

However, this injection is not as simple as it seems. There are many side effects that animals suffer from. They may suffer from physical health issue as well as distress as their hormones are imbalanced. Moreover, the injected dairy products may have relation with carcinogenic substance. Because of this, Europe banned them, yet it is still a common practice in United States.

  1. M&Ms

M&Ms is a popular chocolate candy in United States. However, it is among the list of banned food in Europe. Thus, what is the reason behind the ban?

The food itself is banned from Europe only the ones that United States produced. European factory produced M&Ms with different and a less harmful food additives because the ones that United States factory use contains artificial dye of Yellow 5, 6 and Red 40. Those food coloring are under suspicion from causing ADHD on kids.

Kids who consume M&Ms are reportedly shows an increase of aggressiveness. That is why European are cautious of its American counterpart.

  1. Arsenic Chicken

Hearing arsenic is enough for people to assume that the chemical is not something that will do well to human’s body as arsenic is one of harmful chemicals that can kill you. And yet it is a common practice for chicken farmer to inject the chicken with arsenic in United States. Even though American farmers argue that the arsenic-fed chicken are only fed using organic arsenic, there may still accumulated level of carcinogen.

Chicken food has some arsenic laced in it to advance the growth of the chicken. Moreover, unnatural growth also caused the meat of the chicken has pinkish color and may tastes slightly different from the natural ones.

  1. Mountain Dew

Mountain dew is American energy drink that also banned in Europe. They still sell Mountain Dew in Europe but without the original American ingredients. This brand received backlash after research found out that it contains bromated vegetable oil.

The function of bromated vegetable oil in this drink is to prevent additive or flavoring to sand down at the bottom of the bottle. Chemical contained in it is actually is not for food and more as fire retardant instead. Problems that arise because of its consumption is nerve problem, imbalanced thyroid hormone, early puberty, infertility and many more. 

  1. Foie Gras

Another food banned in Europe but still allowed in US is Foie Gras. Originally a French cuisine, foie gras has become an international food. In Europe, the health organization bans Foie Gras because of the process of how people make it. They forced the food down on the goose to advance the growth in a closed room with not much interaction or activity outside it.

Stressed out and overeaten poultry causes damage to its heart, which in turn, makes its body part unhealthy to consume. However, in United States, this practice keeps going and distributed freely on restaurant chain.

  1. Farm-Raised Salmon

Salmon as one of commodity fish is highly popular for its fresh and bright color as well as juicy taste. Naturally grown salmon gets their color from carotenoids that occur on nature. However, salmon that grows in farm usually contains many synthetic chemicals. Chemicals contained in the salmon are very unhealthy. One of its farm food, astaxanthin, is a toxic chemical the health organization has not approved yet for human to consume.

Due to its probable danger, European Union bans farm-raised salmon as well as other effects food additives to health and environment. However, they are common in United States with only few concern arise about it

  1. Potassium Bromate Bread

Bread with potassium bromate is a common food in United States. The bread itself many industries use in hot dog or hamburger buns. Yet, the use of potassium bromate or bromide is actually dangerous to human’s health.

Several health problems that can arise when consuming potassium bromate bread are kidney failure, damage to nervous system, problems in gastrointestinal, as well as cancer.

Because of these reasons, many European countries ban this type of bread. Bromide should not be an ingredient in food. Unfortunately many chain food restaurants still serve bread like this. 

  1. Olean & Olestra

Olean & Olestra are fat substitute to replace high calories and cholesterol foods. The intention was good but the aftermath is necessarily favorable to human health. This product often found in chips, snacks, as well as fat-free food. However, research found them to hinder the absorption of vitamin.

Moreover, rats who fed on them gains weight, which is contrary to their initial intention. Some indigestion problems may also occur within constant consumption of it. Since it is risky, products with Olean & Olestra should have vitamins on them.

Other Foods Banned in Europe but Allowed in US

These are several foods banned in Europe but allowed in US:

  • Ractopamine meats and dairy
  • Chlorine sauce
  • Modified Papaya
  • Carrageenan Formula Milk

Either banned or allowed ones, certain foods laced with chemicals do have their own risk exposed to human. As consumers, people should be careful in choosing which products to consume to minimize health risk as well as keeping the nutrition well within body.