A-Z Industrial Chemicals in Food – Harmful Substances

Chemicals are what makes all living things alive. Industrial chemicals are a totally different thing that makes life easier but it does not go well with mother nature. All things that are alive and even our food are chemicals, either natural or synthetic ones. To meet the demand for eating with your eyes, first. Many […]

Why Should Chemicals Be Stored Away from Food? The Warning and Dangers!

Doing chemical experiments should be fun because we can learn how the chemicals react with other components and see how it goes. But some people forget the danger of this activity. Some people also forget about how dangerous the chemicals for our self especially our health. Chemical compounds have a lot of materials that could […]

Foods Banned in Europe but Not US – Restricted Foods

Modern processing of food now contains food additive in order to enhance the food. The food additive used chemical infused to the food. However, the food additive may not always safe for it can contain hazardous substance or poses potential harm in the future. However, the food is not always considered safe in many countries. […]

44 Health Benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)  is a substance composed by two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. This substance is a weak acid, a strong oxidizing agent, as it is highly reactive. It also broke down easily, and when that occurs, it will forms water and oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide appear in a very blue pale liquid form […]

24 Chemicals to Avoid in Dog Food – Dangerous Substances

TheOne of the responsibilities of adopting pets is to feed them. Just like humans, pet need necessary nutrition in order to keep alive. Since adopted pets need to adapt to domestic habitat, it is the owner responsibility to make sure they are well-fed. One of the most adopted pets is dog. Dog is generally an […]

8 Natural Chemicals Used in Daily Life – Safe Compounds

Chemicals are bad, do you agree with that ? Many of synthetic chemical are used for our daily life but not only synthetic chemical but also natural chemicals used in daily life gives lot benefit for us. In recently years, presence of chemicals are known to be harmful founded in daily food and cosmetics. For […]

8 Foods Banned in Other Countries but Allowed in The United States

The food industry often used certain chemical in order to enhance the taste of the food, the nutrition, or the quality of the food in general as mentioned List of Food Preservatives. Some of the chemicals are safe while the other are not. The government is responsible to regulate the access of chemical and they are […]

7 Chemicals Allowed in Organic Food in Everyday Life

Before talking about chemicals allowed in organic food, we better talk about what organic means. We often hear about the term of organic and see various food labelled with organic. What does it really mean? The simple definition of organic is a product which is made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, […]

13 Harmful List Of Banned Food Additives In Many Countries

We all know that processed or packaged foods are not good for your health. However, there are many known toxic foods, additives and preservatives that are banned in European Union and many advanced countries around the world. And when everyone think they food healthy  here some list of banned chemicals in food additives in many country. […]

32 Harmful List of Artificial Sweeteners You Should Avoid

We can taste many kinds of flavors. A sweet flavor is one of them, and maybe one of the favorite tastes in our world. That’s why the production of artificial sweeteners is increasing every year to make a lovely sweet product with few or if possible no calories at all. Indeed, let’s take a look of […]