Usages of Iodine Compound in Daily Life

You can not live without chemicals, even your body has them. Some chemicals are even vital to your life. Such as iodine which plays an important role in maintaining a certain hormone. So, this compound is one of the major elements and their chemical symbols found in living things. It is essential for both human and some type of animals as an essential element needed for life.

As a pure chemical element, the human body needs this in a certain amount. If there is iodine deficiency then you can face some health problems. Although, there are various reasons for facing these problems. The main reason is that the body lacks iodine. Here are some of the usages of iodine compound in daily life.

1. Medical Usage

The human body develops nutrition from iodine and its element. Because it is one of the examples of organic compounds usages, it is a non-toxic chemical. Therefore, it is safe for medical treatment. The body needs it to heal from some illness, to prevent a certain body condition or just keeping the body healthy.

  • Thyroid. Iodine is famous because of its close relation to this condition. Although, it does not seems like a dangerous condition, the thyroid can turn into cancer. All you need is a small tablespoon of iodine salt to avoid getting thyroid gland. If your body does not have iodine, most likely Thyroid will happen. Some researchers think that without iodine the body has a bigger chance to get breast, ovary, prostates, and endometrial cancer.
  • Woman Productivity. Believe it or not, a woman who does not consume iodine salt, would face bigger problems. Other troubles include ovulation and various reproduction matters. The menstruation does not come as often and can cause a lot of pain. Moreover, it also get worse by causing infertility. Lack of iodine can be dangerous during pregnancy, it is caused a pregnant woman can get high blood pressure that can harm both mother and the baby.

2. Commercial Usage

It was Lois Daguerre that come up with the daguerreotypes technique to make images from photography, the first-ever iodine usage other than medical purposes. Today, iodine has more usages than ever.

  • Disinfectant. Iodide salts are the key ingredient for making cleaning agents. It is still related to the medical area. Although, it also makes ways for household disinfectant. So, it is in your hand wash, dish wash and many more. The material can handle harmful chemicals antibacterial soap.
  • Inks. printing inks and dyes, catalysts, animal feed supplements and photographic chemicals. iodine is also used to make polarizing filters for LCDs.

3. Water Cleaner

The world today has many pollution. In order to make the water drinkable you need to purify it. It can be for industrial or just home needs. Water treatment for factories can make the water clearer and safer even after going through the production process. Dirty water in the swamp can also use technology by using Iodine to make the water safe to drink.

4. Birth Weight

This substance is also very important for the brain. While it is development, iodine during pregnancy is linked to healthy birth weight. Some studies suggest that pregnant women with goiters should take at least 400 mg of iodine daily. They show a great amount of healthy birth weight of their newborns. In turn, the iodine intake influence the birth weight in newborns.

5.Protect From Radiation

In the case of nuclear or radiation, the iodine can be the cure from any diseases. Doctors will give you potassium iodide (KI) to protect the body, especially the thyroid gland. Many people go through chemotherapy experience thyroid gland from the radiation effect. The iodine can help to deal with radioactive chemical list. People can take it in the form of a tablet and liquid. If you take it sooner then the thyroid has no chance to develop into something worse. Of course, this is all using the doctor’s orders.

You can get iodine from any type of food, specifically seafood; tuna, seaweed, shrimp, salmon and sardines are among the few. You can also get it from eggs, and dairy products. So, it is very easy to consume iodine because almost everything contains this chemical. The usages are from list of chemicals used in a medical office to commercial.