13 List of Banned Hazardous Chemicals in India – Restricted Substances

When we talk about Chemical industry is among the oldest industries in India. It plays an important role accommodate the daily needs of the country. Moreover, It also contributes to the industrial and economic growth of the nation. The Indian chemical industries cover all scale units.

List of banned hazardous chemicals

The chemical industry includes basic chemicals and fertilizers, petrochemicals,  pesticides, paints,  bulk-drugs, and pharmaceuticals.In addition, it has a wide diversified sectors covering more than 70,000 commercial products. India has many chemical usages, includes hazardous chemicals. Surprisingly, It has quite a strict list of banned chemicals in India. Here are some of the most hazardous chemicals banned in India.

Banned Hazardous Chemicals in India

You cant avoid using chemicals substance in this advanced technology. They are very supportive of modern needs but not all chemicals are safe. They always have side effects both minor to major ones, depends on lots of factors.

India as one of developing countries also have a long list of banned chemicals such as the Philippines with the list of banned chemicals in Philippine and Pakistan with the list of banned chemicals in Pakistan, India also strong regulates on chemical within the country.

India established a new department just to handle chemicals. The National Chemical Coordination Committee is proof that India really takes chemicals seriously. The National Chemical Coordination Committee divided into three separated groups on legal, technical and infrastructure. Basically, they do basic studies including data collection. They are also the department that bans most chemicals. Here is the list of banned hazardous chemicals in India.

1 Aldrin 

You can find this chemical in the list of toxic chemicals restricted for Import and Export It is solid, colorless and no odor. Aldrin harms people just by inhaling them. Moreover, it pollutes the soil or food.

2 Benzene Hexachloride 

Benzene hexachloride is an insecticidal property with the γ-isomer (gamma-isomer), which is more toxic than any other hazardous chemicals.

3 Calcium Cyanide 

This compound with formula Ca(CN)is useful insecticides. That later study discovers proved to be toxic and hazardous. It causes lung issues, irritation and internal damages for a human. The environment also suffers, if the chemicals touch fire, it produces toxic fumes.

4. Toxaphene

This chemical is a combination of chlorine gas and camphene. Many countries ban this substance for manufacture, import, export, and usage in many forms. It is a very popular insecticide and also acts as an ectoparasite controller. It enters the internationally banned chemicals then India is one of the countries that also ban this substance.

17 Sodium Methane Arsonate

is an organoarsenic substance with the formula CH3AsO3Na2 and has no color. It can dissolve in water and make it hard to clean when it pollutes the water and soil. This hazardous chemical is for herbicides usage with many chemicals inside it, such as Metharsinat, Arrhenal,  Stenosine, Metharsan, Tonarsin, Arsenal, Arsynal, and Diarsen. 

5 Copper Acetoarsenite 

Heavy metals include copper acetoarsenite is harmful to human bodies like lead and zinc. We use it in our domestic products and various human activities. Low concentration is used to threat salmon and other fishes special condition.

6 Dibromochloropropane 

this chemical with a formula of C8H6Cl2O3 could cause a health problem in a long usage. This issue effects fertility problem for people handling this chemical. Studies discover most farmers have this issue.

7. Endrin 

Endrin is a chemical formula with purpose as an insecticide, rodenticide, and also piscicide. This chemical formula of C12H8Cl6O has no odor or color. It can poison the human central nervous system and cause nausea, seizures. It is a very deadly substance.

8. Methyl Mercury Chloride

It is a very hazardous chemical that stable in the water and soil and can cause decomposing on a certain level. Moreover, It has the most hazardous health issue for other chemicals. It can cause simple symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, kidney damage, nervous disturbances, tremors of the hands, insomnia, loss of memory, even loosening teeth. In addition, More severe impacts are paresthesias, hearing loss, dysarthria, and mental deterioration. Moreover, it can cause athetosis, convulsions and even death.

9 Ethyl Parathion

Parathion, or ethyl parathion also has another name as “Folidol“. It is a very toxic chemical an insecticide and acaricide.  Therefore many countries ban this substance.

10 Heptachlor

Many countries list this substance as hazardous chemicals and ban it internationally. Most countries like Japan, Korea, and India ban it completely. And a product that contains at least 6% of heptachlor or any blends is prohibited for fabricating, import and utilize.

People use this for insecticide. Due to its stability, it persists in the environment for decades.  Scientist ban heptachlor due to its carcinogen that change nervous and immune system. 

11 Nitrofen 25

Nitrofen with formula C12H7Cl2NO3 is popular chemicals for pesticides. It is very powerful to destroy unwanted plants in crops. People use it for various agricultural studies determined it contains carcinogenic. 

The hazardous chemicals in this pesticides can cause or trigger bad cell and cause cancer. Moreover, it also pollutes the human body and environment. After the condition becomes more often. India government is among the few that bans this hazards chemical to enter the country.

12. Dieldrin

Internationally many countries ban this chemical due to its hazardous chemicals, includes Brazil, Japan, Korea, and India. All ban this for production, export, import, trade or use.

13 Ethylene Dibromide

This chemical acts as pesticides. India bans this hazardous chemical for any use of manufacture, use, import or export. You can’t use this chemical for anything. It is extremely dangerous for human and environment. Moreover, You can’t even mix it with other substance.

Other hazardous chemicals ban from India and also internationally are :

  •  Paraquat Dimethyl Sulphate
  • Pentachloro Nitrobenzene
  • Menazone
  • Pentachlorophenol
  • Phenyl Mercury Acetate
  • Tetradifon
  • Maleic Hydrazide
  • TCA (Trichloro acetic acid)

Seeing the list of chemicals banned in India, people should also be aware of some chemical substance in products. Moreover, because even though some chemicals are safe under strict dose, it is better to avoid hazardous chemicals substance to prevent damage in the future.