13 List of Banned Hazardous Chemicals in India – Restricted Substances

When we talk about Chemical industry is among the oldest industries in India. It plays an important role accommodate the daily needs of the country. Moreover, It also contributes to the industrial and economic growth of the nation. The Indian chemical industries cover all scale units. List of banned hazardous chemicals The chemical industry includes basic chemicals and fertilizers, […]

12 List of Chemicals Banned in India – Hazardous Substances

Many sectors involving human activities always need chemical in it. It is unavoidable that the advanced technology and the decline of natural environment force humans to rely on chemical. However, not all chemicals are safe. They always have side effects from minor to major ones. India as one of developing countries also relies on chemical […]

30 List of Laboratory Chemicals Manufacturers in India

The growing industry requires huge amount of chemicals supply. The chemicals function for varies from additive to edible products or as enhancer as well as maintenance for factory machine. Especially in India that has its industry incredibly grow within the recent ten years, many chemicals manufacturers are founded to supply the chemicals need. They build […]

10 List of Banned Insecticides in India – Harmful Compounds

Ever imagine the lettuce in your salad have spots on it? The suspect for those are pests, which have caused losses in an unlimited number of crops. A swarm of pests could ruin the entire season worth of harvesting, and it’s definitely cause financial loss. Farmers all around the world, especially in agriculture countries like […]