13 List of Banned Hazardous Chemicals in India – Restricted Substances

When we talk about Chemical industry is among the oldest industries in India. It plays an important role accommodate the daily needs of the country. Moreover, It also contributes to the industrial and economic growth of the nation. The Indian chemical industries cover all scale units. List of banned hazardous chemicals The chemical industry includes basic chemicals and fertilizers, […]

All List of Chemicals Controlled by PDEA: Uses and Precautions

Chemicals are nearly everywhere around us. Some are naturally developed, but some are also man-made, or specifically, industry-made. However, all of them are meant to give benefits for us human. We all make them and use them well for our good. But, we must be aware that good thing isn’t the only thing that would […]

10 Harmful Effects of Household Chemicals on Plant Growth

Household chemical is the type of chemical that simplifies house general activity. This activity excludes any food-related chemicals like food additives and coloring. The most common household chemicals used exist in list of harmful chemicals in toiletries, laundry stuff, and insect repellent. They usually contain a smaller percentage of active agent but still can cause […]

31 List of Banned Chemicals in Pakistan – Severely Restricted

Chemical substances are widely used in several sectors, most of them are helpful and harmless but not quite a few are high risk. To control the chemicals side effects, Countries have regulation and law regarding of hazardous chemical use. The regulation is grouping chemicals based on various control levels, from restricting use to banning the […]

26 List of Banned Chemicals in Australia – Severely Restricted

Australia is the world sixth biggest country and ranked fifth in the Index of Economic Freedom (2017). As a wealthy country, Australia depends on various income such as mining and manufacturing. These sectors are known for relying on hazardous chemicals on the process. In the mining industry, chemicals are used as flotation reagents, solvent extractants, […]

12 Examples of Extremely Flammable Chemicals Around Us

In our surroundings there are lots of chemicals compounds that are flammable. A chemical compound can be flammable because it is easily react with oxygen and get ignited easier than the other materials. Basically, chemicals compound forms are classified into 3 types : Solid Liquid Gas Every form of chemical compound has chance to catch […]

26 Noxious Examples of Corrosive Household Chemicals

Chemistry is everywhere, including in your household materials  like the one mentioned in Common Chemicals Used at Home . Perhaps most of you have already aware of that, though there might be some who are still clueless. Be it the natural chemicals or the artificial ones, they both are surrounding us. Like, detergents, cleaners, shampoo, […]

15 Hazardous Substances Label Colour Based on HMIS

Hazardous substances are chemicals in which direct contact with them will expose human to series of  hazard. Any danger of substances should be taken and arranged carefully before something unexpected occurs. Each of the chemical has its own hazard and risk. Therefore, to inform people about the hazard, people can label the substances with colour. […]

7 Hazardous Substances in Plastic Materials We Use

Stuffs made from plastic are widely used. From household tools to children’s toys, plastic is the sole material. The most common product of plastic is plastic bag. Plastic bag has been used as container in almost every aspects of life. Plastic bag is light, durable, and strong. The common uses of plastic bag are for […]