A-Z List of Chemical Companies in Johannesburg

Companies in Johannesburg is growing rapidly in accordance with the majority of other African countries. Chemicals companies also popping up in this capital city of Sentral Africa also known as Jozi.

Companies in Johannesburg

The chemical companies in Johannesburg act as multi-diverse companies just like List of Chemical Companies in Jeddah and also List of Chemicals Companies in Gujarat. Here is a list of chemical companies in Johannesburg:

1.Jozi Chemicals

This company supply various raw materials to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, food & beverage and agriculture industries. Their product include Lidocaine, xylocaine and lignocaine. Moreover, they also cater agricultural chemicals such as tartaric Acid, and aldaric acid. Further more, the company develop focus in making Insecticides such as Abamectin, Acephate, Carbaryl, Carbofarum, Chloropyriphos, DDVP, Parathion, and Imadachloprid.

2. Obie’s construction projects

This company goes back to 2010. It serves as a manufacturer and provides many specializes such as Building ( alterations & extensions), Kitchen & bathroom renovation, Plastering & Rhinolite, Paving and Painting.

3. JSS Industrial Coating

The company is one of the chemical companies in Johannesburg specializes in the field of Epoxy coatings, Polyurethane floors, Specialised Waterproofing, Joint sealing, Cleaning, Acid Proofing, Corrosion Protection, Asbestos Removal, Fibregrate, Concrete Repairs, Anti-Static and Fire Proofing. Therefore, the wide ranges of product determined the will to cater many chemical needs in the country.

4. CellChem CC

It is specialised in chemicals and starches to the papermaking industry. It work in join venture with other companies such as Tongaat Hulett Starch, Dragoco Flavour Manufacturer and also Reimer CellChem. Moreover, it cater various chemical need in the field of Additives, Food colours, Food chemicals, chemical absorbents, food emulsifiers and stabilisers, and industrial chemical.

5. Chemical Techniques

It is a well-known company cater to a wide range of chemicals for a range of purposes for cleaning car care food-safe lubricants and paint strippers as well as metal treatment cleaning solutions. Moreover, it also acts as a supplier to industries and retailers making their superior quality products available to consumers.  

6. CJP Chemicals (Pty) Ltd

This veteran company from 1986 is a leading stockist and distributor for raw materials to a variety of different industries. It has many offices and warehouses across South Africa namely Johannesburg (HQ), Durban Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Moreover, CJP has the capacity to supply a diverse range of products for multiple companies.

Its field of work include paints, lubricants, Biochemistry, Water chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Beverage industry, Cleaning chemicals, Building chemicals, Bleaching chemical, Chemical absorbents, and other Construction materials.

7. Plusten Hardware Distribution (Pty) Ltd

This long-term company act as a hardware wholesale distributor. Initially Plusten serves as a niche distributor, supplying fast selling locally produced products at a reasonable price. It work on making various product such as
Gumboots, Chemicals, Fasteners, Hand tools, Garden tools, Tool supplies, Waterproofing, Door hardware, Safety products, Industrial chemicals and many other industries.


It is a major company with over 50 years experience in the post-harvest agricultural sector. It entrenched in the local marketplace with exceptional quality products and reliable service. Moreover, It has huge concentration in environment, sustainability and green product. Therefore, the company try to avoid any Effect of Environment Chemicals on Human Health.

Their field of works include waxes, purified, coatings, fungicides, emulsifiers, polish suppliers, polish manufacturers, water-soluble degreasers and many more.

9. Titeclean

Another mega-diverse company with focus work include Biochemistry,
Cleaning chemicals, cleaning, and agricultural chemical manufacturers. It has a great concern for sustainability and environmentally friendly product. Therefore, it is a very good reason to establish a way to answer the question Why Should Scientists Study the Effect of Chemicals on Environment.


Many companies in Johannesburg highlight worldwide recognition also work closely with other company. ADCENG is a founder member of the LP Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa and is a member of the South African Compressed Gas Association. It contributes to various chemicals industry in the country. It also contributes as a leading companies in term of export and import. Therefore, it also follows theList Banned Chemical concerning chemicals.

11. Adeler Cleaning & Plumbing

It strives to change the global view of modern plumbing and cleaning services. Moreover, Adeler C&P is a platform to assign household duties and plumbing problems.

12. Protea Chemicals

This chemical supplier, specialized in value-added chemical solutions which touches our lives daily. Moreover, it is one of leading companies in almost every sector of the distribution market in South Africa.

Therefore, they cater various chemical needs such as personal care and cosmetics, food and beverages, water treatment, engineering, paints and inks, textiles, plastics, rubber, chemical manufacturing and formulation. Moreover, it also serves products to cater the needs in petroleum and lubrication, packaging and paper, pharmaceuticals and healthcare and animal feeds.

13. Reba Chemicals

Another multi-diverse company which works in various fields such as industrial chemicals, water treatment chemicals, mining chemicals, detergent and cleaning chemicals, and many others.

The chemical industries in Africa follow strict regulation such as a List of Banned Chemicals in South Africa particularly Johannesburg. Therefore, the number of companies increase by years and the chemicals industries develop rapidly.

These list of chemical companies in Johannesburg not only show a diverse field also display a global willingness to export their product outside the city. Moreover, it portrays an effort to maintain sustainability, green product and also environmental friendly items.