list of chemical companies in jeddah

Chemical companies in Jeddah are just among the many and diverse chemical industries in the world. These companies have skyrocketed due to the recent growth of the construction industry in Asia and the Middle East.

There is List of Chemical Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia, there are also List of Chemicals Companies in Gujarat and these Lists highlight how chemicals industry is extremely huge.

Chemicals Companies in Jeddah

Jeddah is a city in Saudi Arabia. It is economically focusing on further developing in scientific and engineering leadership within the country. Furthermore, the country has a strict law and regulation about chemicals and has a List of Chemicals and Hazardous Materials Banned and Restricted in UAE. They also established regulation to follow the List Toxic Chemicals Severely Restricted Import-Export to support their import and expport developing systems.

Moreover, the chemicals companies in Jeddah has a wide range of industry and even considered mega chemical group companies. Therefore, here is a list of chemicals companies in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.


The list of chemical companies in jeddah – This leading firm involves many chemical industries include Laboratory, Scientific, Medical, Laboratory Chemicals & Hospital Equipment. Moreover, SOMATCO provides a comprehensive solution for your chemical needs.

2. Al-Azzaz Chemicals

This market leader in chemicals, industrial raw materials, and equipment in the Kingdom. It involves a diverse corporate that provides service in the Industrial chemicals, food additives, and ingredients, pharmaceutical raw materials, and equipment.  Their main office in Jeddah covers the western and southern region of Saudi Arabia.

3. Chemya

Chemya company offers an intensive list of sophisticated chemicals portfolio and lubricants. It mainly targeting the industrial sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) countries, with highly proficient activities throughout the distribution supply chain.

4. CIC

A market leader in manufacturing the full range of construction chemicals items. Moreover, it offers the best economical solution to customers serving Saudi Arabia market as well as GCC and Middle East countries. Therefore, this well know companies is among most prestigous company in Jeddah.

5. Saudi Chemical Company

A Saudi Joint Stock manufacturing company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and immediately served as a domestic and an international provider. It serves as a company handling civil explosives, trench blasting for oil and water High-Quality pipeline, tunneling for roads, mining and oil exploration.

6. Sadara Chemical Company

It represents a unique alliance among corporate leaders – Saudi Aramco and The Dow Chemical Company. Moreover, they brought together through shared values and a dedicated vision to create a game changer in the chemical industry. 

7. Fouz Chemical Company

There is a List of Chemical Plant in Gujarat, Saudi Arabia also has their own primary Plants. This company leading chemical industrial which play an extensive role in the surrounding areas. It mainly produce laboratory chemical importer, stockist, and distributor serving the entire manufacturing and maintenance spectrum.

Their works include Water Treatment, Oil Field & Petroleum. Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Steel & Galvanizing and also Paint, Paper, Adhesive & Detergent Industry.

8. Reza Chemical Industries ( RCI )

RCI is a manufacturer of chemical products for wide diverse items. Their product includes various FMCG  ( Personal Care, Home Care, and Private Label ). Furthermore, it offers a “one-stop” contact point for clients to serves all of their needs. The company try to cater those wishing to take advantage of the largest market share in the GCC and to operate throughout the Middle East.


This innovative, industry-leading chemical technology company serves global environmental, Hotels, Institutional, Residential and Industrial process markets. Moreover, it provides Chemicals, Equipment’s & Services for Water Treatment, Maintenance & (Housekeeping) Cleaning Chemicals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is tot too much to say the company has manage to established themselves in the chemical business. That’s the list of chemical companies in jeddah.

10. Chemtrade

The shareholders of Chemtrade has a long history dated back to the mid-1980s. Moreover, the company manages to import and distribute liquid chemicals in bulk form. Therefore, it makes Chemtrade the only chemical distribution company with bulk liquid capability in Saudi Arabia.

The company has specialized warehouses across Saudi Arabia which served as refineries, petro-chemicals, flexible foam, electrical transformers, plastics, cables, paints, and waterproofing, among various other industries.

11. CMCI – Construction Material Chemical Industries

A reliable and trusted company caters all building industry requirements with High-Quality construction chemicals manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards.

Moreover, it has a wide range of spectra such as Concrete Precast plants, Foundation coatings, Floor hardeners, Floor Toppings, Sealers, curing compounds and Floor coatings are supplied in the initial stages of construction.

12. Basic Chemical Industries (BCI)

Another long timer player with over three decades of experience in the chemical industries. This mega company has a series of expansions and joint ventures covering a diverse range of chemical products with muliple small companies under them such as:

  • Chemical Marketing and Distribution Company (CMDC)
  • Basic Chemical National Company (BCNC)
  • National Adhesives Limited (NAL)
  • Saudi Water Treatment Company (SWTC).

13. Tasnee

The first Saudi Arabia private sector’s fully owned joint-stock industrial company. Moreover, it aims of advancing the economic diversification in Saudi Arabia. It produces petrochemical products, the largest producers of titanium dioxide, a chemical among, the List of Chemicals Used in Paint Production and also other advanced metals.

14. Juffali Chemical Group

Another mega-company in Jeddah formed in the mid 1970s. It represent various chemical products related to industrial chemical. Moreover, they focus themselves in production, distribution,and retail of a comprehensive range of chemical based products – representing every sector in which these products are used, throughout the region.

That’s all about the list of chemical companies in jeddah. There are many diverse chemicals companies in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The country which is rich with organic chemicals component also has some of the world most advanced technologies. Jeddah as a center industry of Saudi Arabia try to cater all their client needs. Therefore, you will see many big corporates with various type of chemicals lines.