A-Z List of Chemical Industry in Lucknow

India chemical industry flourishes in many cities, particularly the chemicals Industry in Lucknow. It is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, it is known as a multicultural city that flourished as an Indian cultural and artistic hub. It is an important center of aeronautics, automotive, machine tools, distillery chemicals, furniture, and Chikan embroidery. 

Like other cities India that marks competence in the chemicals fields, such as List of Chemicals Companies in Gujarat or List of Chemical Companies in Kalyan and even List of Laboratory Chemicals Manufacturers in India. Manufacturer in India manufacture.

Industry in Lucknow

Chemicals Industry in Lucknow includes a various diverse field such as agriculture, Water treatment, Food, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and many more. However, those field mentioned before is among the biggest contributor in the Lucknow economy with supported of multinational companies. India has established itself as a country that supports the many chemical companies in the country. Here are some Chemical Industry that immerging from the city of Lucknow.

Organic Chemical Industry

Chemicals Industry in Lucknow largely involves around manufacturing chemicals. And start from a List of Chemist who Started Organic Chemistry. There are many companies in the city that contribute to the high production of raw material for various chemical industries. Some companies that focus on organic chemical include,

1. Amrendra Chemicals 

This primary company engaged as a wholesale trader of Zinc Oxide Powder, Turpentine Oil, Yellow Sulphur Powder, Sulphuric Acid, etc.

2. REP Fragrance & Chemicals

This company in Lucknow acts on trading, importing and exporting various Chemical Powder, Chemical Paste, etc.

3. M/S Cooltech Enterprises

This leading Wholesaler provider caters the manufacturing of various raw material. Among them includes Floron gas, r134a refrigerant gas & butane in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

4. Amrendra Chemicals 

This is another popular company which provides products such as Zinc Oxide Powder, Turpentine Oil, Yellow Sulphur Powder, Sulphuric Acid, etc.

Water Treatment Industry

Heavy machinery and excellent worker establish a well-known company. Water Treatment Industry also developing in the city of Lucknow, and support many of the region Plants. Therefore, you can see many Plant in Lucknow just as you may see them in List of Chemical Plant in Gujarat.

5. A.P.Environment

A Manufacturer company that provides Water Treatment Plants, Bio Chemicals, Descaling Chemicals, Bio Fab Media, etc.

6. Oasis Ultratech Pvt. Ltd.

This leading manufacturing company makes a mark in the city as one of the best providers for of Water Treatment Plant ( R.O. Plant), Water Softner, and D.M. Plant.

7. Mishikka Enterprises

This company works as a manufacturer, trader, and wholesaler that perform the best quality water treatment industry. Their products include Water Dispenser Bottle, Water Camper, and many more.

8. Max-Ion Engineering

It is a leading manufacturer, trader, and exporter of a wide range of water treatment industry. It caters the various need of cooling towers and Water Treatment Plants, effluent treatment plants and Systems.

9. Nirmal Paryavaran

It is a prominent manufacturer and Importer various Plants such as Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, and Air Pollution Control System. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs. Among the few in Lucknow include :

10. RN Hospital And IVF Centre

This medical material provider gives service of IUI (intra uterine insemination), lah (laser assisted hatching) & zona birefringence in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

11. Rankem CDH Quligens

This company is among the companies in Lucknow that caters medical industry and provides laboratory chemical, ethanol & barium.

Food Industry

12. Excel Coporate

This Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler & bulk supplier in the Food industry serves various products such as Pickles, Murabba, Sharbat, Vinegar, Sauce, Honey, Agarbatti & Noodles etc.

Industrial Chemical Industry

Industrial chemical covers a more wide field compared to other chemical industries. Therefore, industrial companies in Lucknow are among the most diverse of all.

13. Shree Shyam Enterprise

This multi-diverse company handles numerous matters such as Construction Chemical, Floor Hardener Chemical, Liker Tiles Polish, Synthetic Iron Oxide, Waterproofing Chemical, Cement and more.  Moreover, it focuses as one of the trusted organization wholesale trading and service providing best assortment of Waterproofing Compound, Waterproofing Chemicals, Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Coating etc.14. Disinfecto Chemicals Industries

This company manufactures all of its product in GMP plant. Their highlight industry includes Animal Health care formulations, Human Health care formulations, Bio-Cides, and Disinfectants.

15. Sabo Systems (P) Ltd
This multi-purpose company has manufacturer, importer, supplier, distributor & exporter. Moreover, their field of work includes a wide range of Surge Protection Devices, Exothermic welding, Copper bonded rod, Chemical earthing of Copper Electrode, Copper bonded electrode, copper bonded rod as well as GI electrode with Back Filling Compound, Gel earthing, Electrical panels, etc. 
Agricultural Industry
The rich green soil in Lucknow enables their agricultural to develop rapidly and steady. Moreover, the city has numerous chemical companies producing the necessary supporting chemical to back up the industry.

16. Eagle Plan Protect Private Limited

A leading company in manufacturing Organic Fertilizers and Agro Chemical items such as Bio Plant Protector, Agricultural Biopesticides, Plant Growth Stimulator, Bio Fungicide, Plant Growth Regulator, Bio Miticide. It also produces Agricultural Herbicides, Bio Insecticides, Bio Products, Agro Chemical, Bio Larvicide, etc.

17. Ecol Agro

One of the renowned Advisor Consultant for Food Processing and Agricultural Business in Lucknow. Moreover, this company has established allied industries in the country. Furthermore, it provides a one-stop solution for all Food processing industry.

18. IPL

This leading Manufacturer of the agrochemical industry. Moreover, their product includes formulations Imidiator and Clorox, Nuvan, Nidacid & Profex insecticide Herbicius pesticides.

19. warup Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
The flagship company of the Swarup group of companies has various business interests. It entered the Agrochemicals and Pharma Industry. Moreover, it focuses on Fungicides such as Thiram Technical 95% min and Thiram 75%WP. Intermediates such as  Phthalide Tetra Methyl and Thiram Monosulphide. Furthermore, it produces disinfectant such as Tetra Methyl Thiram Disulphide (TMTD) and Sodium Dimethyl Dithio Carbamate (SDMDC).
Lucknow as a part of India manages to establish a complete and diverse chemical industry supported not only by the government but also by privates sectors. They also follow the strict rules and regulation that manage India Chemical rules such as releasing List of Chemicals Banned in India or List of Banned Chemicals in Kerala or even List of Banned Toxic Chemicals. The joint venture from all aspect ensures a brighter future for the development of the chemical industry in Lucknow.