30 List of Laboratory Chemicals Manufacturers in India

The growing industry requires huge amount of chemicals supply. The chemicals function for varies from additive to edible products or as enhancer as well as maintenance for factory machine. Especially in India that has its industry incredibly grow within the recent ten years, many chemicals manufacturers are founded to supply the chemicals need. They build laboratory to produce as well as invent chemicals for various purpose. Here is the list of laboratory chemicals manufacturers in India.

1. Sujata Chemicals

Sujata Chemicals is one of Indian chemical manufacturer that manufacture and produce many kinds of chemicals. Their specialty is making inorganic chemicals as well as pharmaceutical chemicals. Has been in the industry for 3 decades, Sujata Chemicals is one of the biggest chemical manufacturer in India.

It has long list of clients that are not only from India but also from Europe, Saudi Arabia, United States, and many more. For the past few years, Sujata Chemicals has produced wide variety of pharmaceutical chemicals and is certified ISO and approved by FDA.

2.  Ava Chemicals

One of the biggest Chinese marketer of children is Ava Chemicals. Ava Chemicals is a Indian chemical manufacturer that has been in the industry for years. Ava Chemicals do es not include many covered inorganic chemicals. The manufacturer is based ob Mumbai, India and is certified ISO.

Not only it provides examples of inorganic compounds found at home, the laboratory of Ava Chemicals also provide organic chemicals and offer them ad their products.

3. Suvchem Laboratory Chemicals

Another list of laboratory chemicals manufacturers in India is Suvchem Laboratory Chemicals. This manufacturer is specialized in researching rare chemicals as well as produce both organic and inorganic chemicals. The laboratory also offer biological stains and ph indicator.

The chemicals offered to clients vary and almost registered CAS chemicals are included including photographic, agro, to culture media based chemicals. Suvchem itself is a new laboratory starting from 2014. The manufacturing of certain chemicals can be custom based one according to what customers want.

4. Forbes Pharmaceutical

Forbes Pharmaceutical is a chemical manufacturer based on Mumbai, India. The manufacturer is specialized on the manufacturing of certain chemicals such as nicotine, mercurial and silver chemicals to certain inorganic chemicals that can only be utilized under strict regulations.

Forbes Pharmaceutical also provides chemicals for medical purpose. This company also belongs to chemical manufacturer association in India and has the certified permission to produce chemicals. Also see List of Banned Insecticides in India.

5. Mag Excel Export Private Limited

This chemicals manufacturer focuses on the exported goods of chemicals. The chemicals will be distributed to several countries based on the custom of the clients and all are licensed by the country. The manufacturer focuses not only on inorganic but also organic chemicals, bio chemicals, to industrial waste management chemicals.

The company is licensed to do research on its own laboratory as well as license to send goods outside India.

6. Sisco Research Laboratory

Sisco Research Laboratory is a certified laboratory and chemicals manufacturer in India. The company produces several kinds of chemicals starting from list of categories essential biochemical categories, extract, organic intermediate, inorganic compound, as well as dehydrated culture media production. This manufacturer has been in the industry for four decades and has license to conduct research and produce chemicals.

The company has about 5000 plus products of chemicals. It also has ISO, FDA, CE and GMP certificates that ensures all produced chemicals are safe. 

7. Oxford Laboratory Chemicals

Despite its name, Oxford Laboratory Chemicals is based on India. The laboratory and manufacturer is established on 1995 and has been growing ever since. The company also has license to export the chemical they produce.

Oxford Laboratory Chemicals has wide range of clients from various countries from Kyrgyzstan, Belgium, Norway, Jordan to South Africa. Has good establishment, the company runs several chemicals production for industrial and non industrial purposes. The products ranging from biochemical, organic and inorganic products, as well as culture media product.

8. Unisource Chemicals Private Limited

Another list of laboratory chemicals manufacturers in India is Unisource Chemicals Private Limited. This company is specialized in producing and exporting chemicals from India to other countries. The produced products include biochemical, intermediate, culture media, chemicals dye to additive.

Because its variety of chemicals, some of them are for private purpose only and is not for public consumption. They have three separated bases from its center in Mumbai, the factory in Tarapur, and office in Mumbai with different address.

9. B.K Chemicals

B.K Chemicals is a chemical manufacturer based on Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company focuses on industrial chemicals as well as heavy ones for non consumption purpose. Some of their products include soda ash, acids, ammonia, sulfur, and many more.

Despite producing chemicals with strict regulations, B.K Chemicals ensure the safety of production as well as safety of distribution of the chemicals. It also has export license to export their goods outside India. The company follows the regulation of Safe Warehousing of Chemicals by Chemical Manufacturer Association.

10. Ultramarine India

While moat chemicals manufacturers are based on Mumbai, this one is based on New Delhi, India. Ultramarine India is chemical manufacturer that specialized in producing and exporting chemicals outside India. The company produces the main chemicals for industry such as sulfur, nickel, acid, and many more.

It also has license that allows it for custom production under certain regulation. The laboratory provided also do research and produce preservatives for public use. 

Other chemicals manufacturers in India include:

list of laboratory chemicals manufacturers in India:

  • Ganest Benzoplast Limited
  • Triveni Interchem
  • Nutan Chemicals
  • Kushi Chemicals
  • Mody Chemie
  • Navin Chemicals
  • Surya Fine Chemicals
  • Vanshi Chemicals
  • Oil Base India
  • Golden Dyechem
  • Khrisna Chemicals
  • Nelion Export
  • Swastik Scientific Company
  • Shri Sai Trading Company
  • M.R Silicone Industries
  • AshChemie India
  • Naugra Export
  • S.S Gas Lab India
  • Shivam Industrial Products
  • Nithyasri Chemicals

The industry in India is growing and the high demand of foreign market makes the increase of chemicals manufacturers in India. All of them should be certified to ensure the safety. Indeedz there are 30 chemicals manufacturers in India.

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