8 Natural Chemicals Used in Daily Life – Safe Compounds

Chemicals are bad, do you agree with that ? Many of synthetic chemical are used for our daily life but not only synthetic chemical but also natural chemicals used in daily life gives lot benefit for us. In recently years, presence of chemicals are known to be harmful founded in daily food and cosmetics.

For those cosmetic ingredient mostly shows “chemical-free” or “paraben free” as definition for man made contaminated chemicals and people against the absurdity just being pedantic. But using chemical as unnatural ingredient are also not safe choice to consume. Meanwhile anti-chemicals or natural chemicals are being misinformed by people about their benefit in daily life.

Sometimes, natural chemicals are safer than manmade chemicals and we need to consider that harmful chemicals also can be found on potatoes or lethal injection. Mainly difference between natural chemical and manmade chemicals are manmade chemicals using synthetic materials which is most of them are not safe (some are safe with following industrial procedure) and natural chemicals are produced by a living organism. Even so, natural chemicals used in daily life also can be works for cosmetics, supplement dietary, food produced without added more harmful ingredients.

Mostly, natural chemicals give many benefits as traditional medicine and many local people use natural chemicals to heal disease problem than choose to go to doctor and doctor will give chemicals medicine to consumer after it. For the benefit, natural chemicals are perfectly good to used in daily life for human, animals, plant and leave good things for environment.

We learn about Harmful Chemicals in the Environment but here are some natural chemicals used in daily life:

1. Turmeric

Mostly we put dye materials in food or drink with a purpose that those food looks eye catching with different natural chemical ingredient. That is true to see when customer who want to buy some food will feel high desire after see food with dye materials inside.

This dye materials has curcumin as natural chemical inside and will give yellow – orange color after we scar on it. Some people use natural chemical in daily life than man-made chemical to get freshness and avoid it dangerous for health. This turmeric itself used by many Indonesian people for dye materials as medicine, health stability, hair treatment and also food ingredient complementary. Not only that, all ingredient are made from turmeric also can be use for food supplement in vitamin capsule and help to increase food appetite for children. It’s safe to use in food than List of Artificial Sweeteners You Should Avoid

2. Carrot

Natural dye materials are ingredient which is made from some part of plant in our environment and also animal pigment. Besides turmeric, also we can found carrot which has beta carotene as natural chemical inside it which has orange color. Beta carotene itself are good pigment and has antioxidants. Other name of beta carotene is pro vitamin A and will be convert to vitamin A while it comes to our body will give benefits for us for good vision and great body health immune. Why not to try?

Drawbacks of the natural chemicals, please read Foods Banned in Other Countries but Allowed in The United States

3. Red Chili

This part are famous around us because we consume it everyday or maybe we found it in market or as additional and complementary food. Sometimes we feel a bit strange if we found no chili in some food we ordered. But do you know there is capsanthin as natural chemical inside red chili?

Beside useful to give red natural color as dye material, Capsanthin also have a role as antioxidant. Antioxidant itself used in food processing such as ascorbic acid and butyl hydroxy anisole (BHA). And ascorbic acid used for processing of meat and canned fruits. This is one of many Chemicals Allowed in Organic Food in Everyday Life

4. Sugar Cane

Sugar cane are made from cane stalk’s extract and part of natural sweeteners and have around 50% water, 15% sugar and 35% others substance. It has fructose sweeteners substance and part of glucose. In addition to give sweetener as mostly widely used, this sugar cane is useful for preservative substance.

5. Honey

For ladies, honey are the best choice to make their face and body skin smoother with using this ingredient for treatment and give another fruits for mixing with honey.

That is true because with honey as natural ingredient is useful for hair treatment without thinking what is dangerous because it only left benefits for us, besides great for treatment, honey also can be used as replacement of sugar and medicine for health immune. Meanwhile, honey is not the List Of Banned Food Additives In Many Countries.

6. Onion

Onion contains essential oil and self contains on it are dialysulfide, propantiol-S-oxide, S-Alyl-L-Cysteine-sulfoxide or Aliine, prostaglandin A-1, diphenylamine and cyloalkine, methylaliin, dihydroaliin, kaemferol and forolisinol. Apart to onion, aliin also contained to garlic and others part of allium and directly float in the water, and can’t float in pure ethanol, chloroform, acetone, ether and benzene. Allisin also found in garlic has function also as anti bacteria.

In society, usage of onion as natural chemical used in daily life is as medicine to cure influenza, cure thrush inflamed, cure sore throat and colds. Besides for medicine, onion usage also to reinforcing the taste of food and make taste great compare to other food without onion or garlic. 

7. Pandanus Leaves

Usage of pandanus leaves are widely relative around many people. As a natural chemicals, pandanus leaves usually used as deodorizer on traditional food, desert, street food, drink or mix it together while cooking rice to give good smell. Other function of extract pandanus leaves as anti cancer, anti microbial, lower cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels and also can provide increased immunity health body.

Even side effect to cure health is not as fast as synthetic chemical, but local people use it after already know natural benefits of it. Pandan leaves is natural List of Food Preservatives.

8. Clove Oil

Many benefit if we choose clove oil as natural chemical used in daily life are anti microbials, antifungal and also antivirus. This clove oil also able to treat various kinds of health disorders such as toothache, indigestion, cough, asthma, headaches, stress and dirty blood. Most important of clove oil function is as ingredients for dental care which is main ingredient for toothpaste and other oral care medications.

Some factor need to consider about natural chemicals, that is how many substance are obtained in it. With understanding that, we can calculate that substance give great things for natural chemicals. All substance process with heat using processing until chemical change during processing are need to be consider.