A-Z Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA – Harmful Substances

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) are the Federal institutes that manage pesticides in the United States. Therefore, it acts to prevent, destroy, mitigate, import, export or use of any harmful pesticides.

Therefore, under FIFRA, Harmful Effects Of Chemical Pesticides On Human Health and Harmful Effects Of Using Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides can be prevented. 

Chemicals under FIFRA regulation gives great impact on the chemicals industry in the United States and even the world. Many use the FIFRA as a benchmark of their industries.

Here is a List of Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA. 

  1. Aldrin, this substance is highly toxic and among the several chemicals in Chemicals Banned Under Stockholm Convention and many other lists.  
  2. Arsenic Oxide, has a long list of human health issues such as highly carcinogen, cardiovascular or blood toxicant, kidney issues, neurotoxicant and many more.
  3. Asbestos, a substance in pesticides that include Harmful Chemicals That Can Kill You that accumulate to irritation until cancer that also among the international list of banned toxic chemicals.
  4. Azodrin has a high neurotoxicity issue and under FIFRA label a restricted chemical.
  5. Binapacryl, this substance show influence to respiration issues, neurotic problems and also an environmental problem. 
  6. Cadmium Compounds, under FIFRA regulation, this substance is one of the most lethal with related to many human health issues such as highly carcinogen, cardiovascular or blood toxicant, kidney issues, neurotoxicant, respiration illness, and many more.
  7. Camphechlor, this substance among the List Banned Chemicals Internationally with the most of health issues. 
  8. Captafol a very carcinogen effect among other chemicals in the List Of Chemicals Known To Cause Cancer And Reproductive Toxicity 
  9. Carbofuran, a very popular substance in various pesticides and herbicides products among the many Chemicals To Kill Earwigs 
  10. Carbon Tetrachloride, List Toxic Chemicals Severely Restricted Import Export under FIFRA put this substance on their lists. Therefore, this substance fails to become a trade product in most countries. 
  11. Chlordane, a very common substance in various industries. However, in pesticides come in a very toxic dose that banned in any usage of any kind. 
  12. Daminozide, under FIFRA information and research this substance is highly carcinogen with further research needed to determines other influences.  
  13. DDD, has a high neurotoxicity issue, Endocrine, and very carcinogen. 
  14. DDT has a liquid form that not only danger to human health but also Inorganic Toxic Substances In Water that causes pollutant to water and the surrounding areas. 
  15. 1.2 Dibromo 3 Chloropropane (DBCP), this substance has a very serious severe health impact in human as well as the environment. 
  16. 1.2 Dibromoethane, under FIFRA regulation, this substance is in the List Banned Chemicals with related to various health issues include carcinogen, cardiovascular toxicant, kidney issues, neurotoxicant, reproduction illness, and skin illness. 
  17. 1.2 Dichloroethane, is very toxic and even exist among the Chemicals Banned In School that issued under FIFRA.  
  18. Dieldrin, a very carcinogen chemical among other chemicals in the List Of Chemicals Known To Cause Cancer And Reproductive Toxicity. 
  19. 4,6-dinitro O Cresol, a severe substance that highly toxic for human and environment that comes in many forms that the government especially look into and put in in 8 regulations. 
  20. Endrin, this substance is in the List Of Banned Hazardous Chemicals In India and also other countries.  
  21. Epn is considered less hazardous in the banned list under FIFRA. 
  22. Heptachlor has many negative Effects Of Agrochemicals On Human Health.
  23. Hexachlorobenzene, a very toxic substance with numerous health issues and in seven of The United Stated Hazardous Chemicals Lists.  
  24. Lead Arsenate is a lead base substances cause many human health issues such as highly carcinogen, development issues, and reproductive toxicant.  
  25. Leptophos, pesticides substances that the United States bans also in the List Of Banned Chemicals In South Africa. 
  26. Mercury a very carcinogen chemical with extreme hazardous compared to other chemicals that commonly used in various industries. 
  27. Methamidophos is actually is less hazardous compared to other chemicals in the list.
  28. Methyl Parathion, a pesticides substances that have various health impacts on a human that highlight mostly to the immune system issues. 
  29. Mevinphos, cause skin irritation in direct contact as well as respiration issue when accidentally inhaled. Therefore, individual Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard and also the safety measures. 
  30. Nitrofen, another substance the FIFRA bans and also can be found in the List Of Banned Toxic Chemicals.
  31. OCTAMETHYLDIPHOSPHORAMIDE besides a banned pesticides chemical also an extremely hazardous substance endangering public health, safety, and the environment from chemical hazards. 
  32. Parathion has toxicity with at least sever FIFRA banned list, include Extremely Hazardous Substances, Hazardous Constituents, Hazardous Substances, and Toxic Release Inventory Chemicals.
  33. PENTACHLOROPHENOL, this substance is considered one of the Most Dangerous Chemicals In The World.
  34. Phenylmercuric Oleante (PMO), under FIFRA regulation, is banned due to human development issues with further research waiting to undergo more advanced testing. 
  35. Phosphamidon has a high carcinogenic level and banned under FIFRA.
  36. PYRIMINIL, has a high neurotoxicity issue, Cardiovascular and blood issues, endocrine toxicant, and neurotoxicant in most cases. 
  37. SAFROLE, this substance harmful to an internal organ such as kidney, liver and reproductive organs.  
  38. SODIUM ARSENATE, another sodium form of substances that include delay human development due to its carcinogenicity. 
  39. TERPENE POLYCHLORINATES (STROBANE6), show problem in the human kidney with no other related issues. 
  40. THALLIUM SULFATE, this substance is banned under FIFRA with the sign of skin and organ problem, neurotic problems and also blood problem.  
  41. TRIBUTYLTIN COMPOUNDS, another chloride base chemicals that can be found in the List Of Chemicals In Breast Implants.
  42. 2,4,5-TRICHLOROPHENOL, these substances and several of its form are in the Hm List of Chemicals Banned In Production. 
  43. Vinyl Chloride, another chloride base chemicals that can be found in the List Of Chemicals In Breast Implants.

The long list Banned Chemicals under FIFRA contributes highly to a sustainability pesticides products in The United States as well as other countries. The FIFRA list is conducted under strict experiment with a very complicated test. Therefore, the result is very informative and reliable.