24 Sodium Carbonate Uses in the Home and Cautions

Sodium Carbonate is also called washing soda. Its chemical formula is Na2CO3, it is composed from two Sodium Cations (Na+) and one carbonate anion. We have many household benefits for cleaning properties. Furthermore, it can be used to clean surface of any kind, except for fiberglass as it can leave any scratch on. This is fantastic as a basic all-purpose cleaner, so you can buy it and make your own for cleaning jobs all around your house and also yard.

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What is Sodium Carbonate?

Sodium carbonate or washing soda can act as a cleaning agent in any kind of purpose because its high PH level, it has 12.0 PH as the highest PH is 14.0. Washing soda naturally occurs in the ashes of many plants, commonly it can be found in the mineral deposits which is left behind. Seaweed ashes are common source of Sodium Carbonate.

In addition, here are some other names you might find as other names of sodium carbonate or washing soda: Bisodium carbonate, Calcined soda, Carbonic acid, disodium salt, Carbonic acid, sodium salt, Chrystol carbonate, Disodium carbonate, Soda, Soda ash, Washing soda, Soda monohydrate, Sodium carbonate, anhydrous, Sodium carbonate monohydrate, Sodium carbonate decahydrate, Sodium carbonate heptahydrate, Solvay soda.

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Meanwhile, here are Sodium Carbonate uses in the home daily:

1. Laundry soap

Sodium carbonate are meant to be beside of washing machine. Yas, it is true. Although you can find many laundry soap everywhere, you can also use washing soda as laundry soap and it is natural and clean your dirty fabrics. This happens because washing soda has a powerful concentrate to clean any dirt, stain, and even grease.

2. Laundry booster

Just add a half cup of your sodium carbonate to your laundry, you can also add powdered laundry soap. These collaboration works well for your laundry booster.

3. Laundry pre-soak

Before you turn laundry machine on, mix 2 tablespoons of sodium carbonates with 1 gallon of warm water. Then let your stained fabric sinks in, it is best to soak it overnight or at least let it soak for 30 minutes. After that, add an additional another half cup of sodium carbonates to the machine with detergent (optional) in a regular cycle.

4. Dishwasher

Besides using this washing soda for your laundry it will be best cleaner for your dirty dishes either. You can make your own dishwasher by adding half of a cup of washing soda with water as your dishwasher. You will get clean dishes and save money around the house.

5. Liquid dish soap

What’s more Sodium Carbonate uses in the home? Making liquid dish soap is literally the same with the dishwasher, you just turn the washing soda with water and add some essential oils to make it smell good, then store it in to a spray container.

6. All-purpose cleaner

It has been mentioned that sodium carbonate is all-purpose cleaner for the entire house and yard. Just store it in your house and it works like a charm for countertops, cabinets, fridge, sink and floor (all any kind except for wood). All you need:-sprayer-1 tbs borax-2 tbs vinegar of any kind-2 cups of hot water- a half of liquid soap- half cup of washing soda-20 drops of tea tree essential oil (optional)

Mix borax, washing soda vinegar and soap. Slowly add hot water and let it cool. Add some essential oil. Once it cools down, pour into the sprayer. You shall shake it well every time before you use it.

Although it is still debatable that borax is natural ingredients, it can help to clean any clog and hard water surface.

7. Floor cleaner

Sodium carbonanate is also a great cleaner that makes your floor sparkling naturally. All you have to do is to prepare 2-3 litres of hot water, small squirt of dish-wash concentrate, a quarter cup of vinegar and a quarter of washing soda, place them in to a floor bucket cleaner. Mix them well until sudsy. If you have stubborn grimy floor. Let the solution sit for 5 minutes then mope them well. That’s common Sodium Carbonate uses in the home.

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8. Mopping solution

This is another floor cleaner solution recipe. You can make DIY non-toxic mopping solution from grape juice for sparkling and heavenly smell floor.  All you need to prepare: 1 cup of grapefruit vinegar, 1/8 cup of washing soda, 3 drops of soap, 1 gallon of hot water, 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil. You need to mix the grapefruit vinegar, washing soda, soap and essential oils. They will begin to foam up as washing soda is dissolving completely. After that, pour in the hot water. and you can use this solution for your floor.

As essential oil has a pleasant smell, the essential oil such peppermint and green tea have great function for cleaning as antibacterial and antiseptic. Thus, adding essential oil and washing soda with other ingredients as floor cleaner is good collaboration.

9. Freshens drains and traps

To get rid of your dirty and smelly drains and trap, you can work on this maintenance soulution by mixing a half cup of washing soda with 1 gallon of warm water. pour the solution after you run hot water to your drains. After that, flush it with hot water. this method is safet for septic problems.

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10. Unclog drains

In case you forget to freshen your drains, you can clean the clogged drains with washing soda. All you have to di is to pour 1 cup of sodium carbonate into the clogged drain. Let it sit for around 15minutes then flush with 2 quarts of boiling water. if you have stubborn clog, add a half cup of vinegar, heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave before use. Then let it sit for another 15 minutes to work on stubborn clog. Do not add another cleaners either before or after because they will never interact well.

11. Hard water deposits remover

Do you have hard water deposits inside your coffe cups or pots? It can be removed with 1 tbs of washing soda on the coffee grounds then runs it once. After that run hot water on it for 2 or 3 times.

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12. Polish the silverwares

By using sodium carbonates, you can make a solusion for your silverwares polish in non-toxic way. You will need:1/4 cup of washing soda2 tbs of salt1 sheet of aluminium oil1 large pan with cover1 and 1/4 of boiling water.
What you will do: wash your silver-wares. Place a sheet of aluminium all over your pan and place your silver-wares on it. In separate pot, mix hot water, salt, washing soda. Pour the mixture on to the pan and leave it closed for 5 minutes.

13. Cleans outdoor grills

If you have stubborn dirt on your barbecue grills, dip a moist and stiff brush into washing soda then scrub down your grill with it. But keep in mind, do not apply this method on aluminium grills.

14. Cleans grease on concrete

You can sprinkle washing soda on the grease add a bit of water to form a paste, let it sit overnight. Then clean it with water.

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15. Remove moss to avoid slipping

We really hate those slippery walkways after rain, don’t we? To remove moss after rain, sprinkle the washing soda on the moss surface then sprinkle water until it forms a paste. Let it sit for a day or under the sun. Then flash it with water.

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16. Plastic housewares

You can use sodium carbonates to wash any plastic housewares such as garbage can, table cloth, and any house appliances made from plastic. Make a solution from a half cup of wahsing soda with a gallon of warm water. wash the surface of your plastic housewares the rinse with water.

17. PH balancer for pools

The sodium carbonate is great way to control the acidic in your pool. You can balance the PH by sprankle washing soda on it.

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18. Outdoor decks

You can clean any outdoor decks by dissolving washing soda in to the hot water and scrub you decks well.

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19. Oven or microwave cleaner

Place 1 cup of baking soda, quarter cup of washing soda and 1 tbs of soap in to a large bowl then add hot water gradually to make a thick paste. Add few drops of white vinegar and coat the surface of your oven then let it sit for overnight. Wipe the coat with warm water in the next morning.

20. Toilets

Keep your toilet clean by pouring down the washing soda to the drain of your toilet. This is great to clean and freshen the toilet drain, this works as well to clean your toilet brushes.

21. Cleans up the blinds

To help repel dust and brighten your blinds, simply dip a cloth in to a solution made from a half of washing soda which has been dissolved in a gallon of warm water then wipe your blinds

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22. Upholstery and carpets

If you have stain on your carpets or any upholstery, simply dab the stain using a solution made from washing soda with warm water. dip the cloth to the solution and dab the stain.

23. Garden tools

If you want to clean your saw, clippers and other garden tools, simply dip your wet stiff-bristled brush into the washing soda and brush down the tools to remove any hose. Then let it dry under the sun.

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24. Pest control

Spray your plants with a solution made from a half cup of washing soda and mix it with two gallons of water.

Caution of Sodium Carbonate

Sodium carbonate is strongly alkaline and corrosive. Thus, may be a mild skin irritant if you use it in extremely concentrated form, instead it is safe for the unbroken human skin when you use 50% solution of sodium carbonate. It also causes eye irritation upon contact. Hence,wearing gloves and avoid long contact between your eyes and washing soda are the best advice.

Indeed, there are many Sodium Carbonate uses in the home but you need to pay attention to its cautions.

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