List of Chemicals in Breast Implants – The Harmful Substances

There are of course chemicals in breast implants available out there. All differ in every country. In the U.S. the most common kind is saline and silicone gel implant. Moreover, both consist of a silicone outer shell with different filler inside the breast implants. saline implants have saline or sterile saltwater and the silicone gel implants are filled with silicone gel.

The Danger of Breast Implants

Silicone is the base of a common breast implants. It has the ability to modulate immune, endocrinological, and neurotransmitter functions. of the body. It has a strong irritant of the immune system that can lead to inflammation, production of antibodies, and other immune responses.

Both saline and silicone breast implants have semipermeable silicone shells. Itto inflammation reactive for the immune system to be in contact with. Therefore FDA put many strict regulations for the manufacturer on their chemicals composition just like FDA List of Approved Cosmetic Ingredient or the FDA List of Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetic Ingredient. This institute manages the needed research and regulation concerning chemicals product in The USA.

Chemicals List in Breast Implants

There are more than over 40+ toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the concoction of breast implants. Some component has been found to be in high levels of patients with breast implants. Some of the chemicals in breast implants based on their toxicity are:

Neurotoxin driven Chemicals

Chemicals with possible of Neurotoxins (can adversely affect function in developing and mature nervous system). It is considered a very dangerous chemical. especially after long-term usage. Moreover, not many patient will change their breast implants every 5 years. These chemicals include

  1. Cyclohexanone, when its vapor can cause some irritation and has mild toxicity to the body.
  2. Methyl Ethyl Ketone, it is substance include in the Chemical Substance in Perfume to conceal Body Odor which has the ability to cause abnormal heart rhythm rate. Moreover, long-term exposure also leads to liver and kidneys damages.
  3. Polyvinyl Chloride, Another name of this chemical is vinyl or PVC. It is one of the most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world.
  4. Toluene, this substance among the many chemicals is the top highly poisonous chemical of them all. However, not only it is among the List of Chemicals used in Paint production. It is prone to much dangerous illness.
  5. Ethyl Acetate, this chemical is in the examples of extremely Flammable Chemicals.
  6. Phenol, It causes the skin to burn when coming in direct contact to the skin. Therefore, Individual working with chemicals needs to understand the danger and use all the safety measures.
  7. Xylene, this substance is very dangerous as a pure aromatic solvent with benzene ring structure in it.
  8. Heavy metals: it disrupts the metabolic functions, this includes the brain, bone, liver, kidney, heart, etc. Therefore, it interfering, blocking, replacing, deleting, and poisoning many aspects of the body.

Carcinogen driven Chemicals

Another chemical in breast implant which people to need to be cautious of are chemicals that have an indication of carcinogen. It is a substance that promotes carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer. Moreover, there is List of Chemicals Known to Cause Cancer and Reproductive Toxicity and most of these chemicals is in that list.

Other Chemicals in Breast Implants

There are also other less harmful chemicals inside breast implants that come with really small doze or has no indication that leads to any dangerous disease or harmful to the human body.

These chemicals include :

  • Denatured Alcohol, it is a solvent that acts as fuel for alcohol burners and camping stoves.
  • Chloromethane, it is another name for methyl chloride, which is the chemical compound of the haloalkanes of organic compounds.
  • Silicone, It is a common ingredient for medical equipment such as microfluidics, seals, gaskets, shrouds, and other applications that need high biocompatibility. Therefore, in breast implants, it acts as a vessel that contains all of the existing chemicals
  • Sodium Fluoride, there are many usages of Use Sodium Fluoride Varnish Dental Practice as a cleaning agent.
  • Formaldehyde, This common chemical in the cosmetic product is listed as banned in the EU. It is an important ingredient for many nail products, hair dye, fake eyelash adhesives, shampoos.
  • Talcum Powder, this household item is a safe mild chemical among many cosmetic out there.
  • Amine, this substance is quite safe for daily usage and among chemicals in the List Organic Chemicals.
  • Methyl 2-cyanoacrylates is an organic compound that contains a methyl ester, a nitrile, and an alkene. However, it usages restricted to a small amount to avoid it from toxicity.
  • Steric Acid, the same component found in the most Effect Food Additive Health Environment.
  • Zinc Oxide, this good chemical in skin care products is a critical component in most lotion and sunblock product. It protects the skin from the UVB.
  • Hexon
  • Urethane
  • 2-Hexanone
  • Thixon-OSN-2
  • Epoxy Resin, a common binder in the coating painting industry.
  • Epoxy Hardener 10 and 11

There are many chemicals in the breast implants that pose threat to human health. The many research concerning the safety of these things continues to immerge due to the safety issue among society. However, due to various factors influencing any bad effect because of the breast implants itself, it is hard to say if someone has cancer due to the damage from breast implants.