9 Chemicals in Water Supply – Substances – Pollution – Treatment

Water is the main thing in our life. Human body consists of over 60% of water and about 75% like what we have in the earth. The water is sourced from a continuous water cycle in the earth. The Ontario’s scientists also found the oldest water that have been recorded on earth aged 2.6 billion […]

8 Chemistry of Love Based on Scientist – Defination – Chemicals Types – Reactions

Do you ever fall in love? Have you ever think about why love and affection can appear within yourself? Do you know how you can feel these feelings? And have you ever asked why love and affection are so strong when you were teenager? How can love appear and why you can feel love and […]

15 Oxytocin Hormone Functions in Men and Women – Chemical Reactions – Effects

Oxytocin is probably one of the most well-known hormone type in human brain. It’s popularly known as love hormone. People also call this hormone as cuddle chemical, moral molecule, hug hormone and bliss hormone. This kind of hormone is known to have the significant role in human’s sexual reproduction system. In this article, we’ll cover […]

11 Chemicals in the Brain That Can Affect Your Body and Emotions

Many of you might not know that your brain contains so many types of chemicals. These chemicals are definitely different than the types of chemicals that you can find everyday in the environment. Chemicals in brain have their own specific functions, in this case, helps your brain works properly. The lack of these chemicals might […]

61 Chemicals in Weed – Substances – Effects – Uses – Legalization

Weed or also known as marijuana or cannabis, is the natural plant with the scientific name of Cannabis sativa L. Cannabis is widely found in tropical areas. Fresh herbal cannabis consists of the dried flowering tops and leaves. Weed is popularly used as the drugs like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. Weed is commonly smoked, often […]

20 Fatal Chemicals in Cigarette #No.1 Warning!

Cigarette might be one of the most popular products that are consumed by people these days. There are so many brands of cigarette that you can find on the market that came in so many variants. Even though cigarette is consumed by so many people all over the world, this product is actually not good […]

30 Chemicals in Food (Good and Dangerous Ingredients)

The food that you eat can give so many effects to your health. There are so many choices of food that you consume these days. Foods also contain various nutrients that are needed by your body such as vitamins, protein, minerals, and carbohydrate. Besides these nutrients, foods also contain chemicals as well. There re so […]

30 Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics Products – Caution – Ingredients

There are various types of cosmetics products that you can be find in the market these days. These cosmetic products came from various choices of brand names, specifications, and prices. Some cosmetics products might come with well known brand name while others might come with less known brand name instead. Some cosmetics products might use natural-based […]

25 Most Dangerous Chemicals in The World (Health and Safety Awareness)

Chemicals have been parts of our daily life in many aspects. Most of the products we use, we eat, and we consume consist of chemicals. Some of the chemicals are dangerous, but if they are used in a right amount they will be very useful for human’s life. It is known that some industries rely […]

17 Hydrogen Uses in Everyday Life – Industrial – Production – Applications

Hydrogen is the lightweight and most widely distributed element in the universe, it is colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It has the lowest density of all gases combined. It has atomic number of 1 and in elemental processing hydrogen is often generated. Hydrogen is an important element for human life. It is spread in water […]