How to Use Hydrogen Fluoride

Matter has three shapes, solid, liquid or gas. For Hydrogen Fluoride, it can be both gas or liquid. The chemical is colourless. It is a combination of hydrogen and fluorine atom. There are many Chemists who investigated the composition of hydrogen and oxygen. One of those findings, highlight hydrogen mixture that turns from one form […]

This is What Happen When You Mix Liquid Hydrogen And Liquid Oxygen

The wonderful world of chemistry allows a miracle to happened when chemicals met. When you combined Two Household Chemicals That Explode When Mixed things need to be more careful. Knowing the base reaction of each substance is incredibly important. Some chemicals have an acid-base and others are not. So, in a way chemistry is knowing what goes […]

7 Chemists Who Investigated the Composition of Hydrogen and Oxygen

Chemistry is major field in science. Almost all aspects in life have chemistry going on. Furthermore, the crucial field in the mankind developed as chemicals grow widely. All of that thanks to chemists who gradually discover or fabricate chemicals in their experiment just like chemists who contributed in the development of the Periodic Table. Although […]

5 Side Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear Treatment

What is Hydrogen Peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical compound that is categorized as a weak acid. It was first discovered by Louis Jacques Thenard in 1818. Hydrogen peroxide can be found in the form of a colorless liquid that is slightly more viscous than water and has no scent. Hydrogen peroxide also serves […]

10 Examples of Monatomic and Diatomic Gases – The Difference

Gas is a form of particles that move freely without being seen. The smallest part of the particle is called the atom. It turns out that the atom itself is composed of electrons (negatively charged particles) that surround the nucleus which has protons (positive mutant particles) and neutrons in it. Gas atoms can be monoatomic, […]

44 Health Benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)  is a substance composed by two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. This substance is a weak acid, a strong oxidizing agent, as it is highly reactive. It also broke down easily, and when that occurs, it will forms water and oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide appear in a very blue pale liquid form […]

18 Hydrogen Peroxide Applications – Industrial – Medical – Cosmetics

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the popularly used chemical compound with the chemical formula of H2O2. This is the simplest form of peroxide with the single bond of oxygen-oxygen. It’s colorless and having more viscosity than the water. Hydrogen peroxide is not stable and able to decompose with the help of catalyst or base. Its […]

17 Hydrogen Uses in Everyday Life – Industrial – Production – Applications

Hydrogen is the lightweight and most widely distributed element in the universe, it is colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It has the lowest density of all gases combined. It has atomic number of 1 and in elemental processing hydrogen is often generated. Hydrogen is an important element for human life. It is spread in water […]