20 List of Toxic Chemicals Used in Fracking and Its Effects

Chemical is highly interconnected with our lives. There are many chemicals with various function. One of its function is used for fracking. Unfortunately, some of the chemicals can be toxic just like some in the List of Banned Toxic Chemicals to Avoid.

It is because some of the chemicals contain substance that not always suitable for either environment and living being. Those toxic chemicals can lead to several dangers. Therefore, it is best to know the name of the chemical and what they inflict.

Below is the list of toxic chemicals used in fracking.

  1. Acetaldehyde

The first chemical that is toxic in fracking is acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is an organic compound with formula CH3CHO. This chemical occurs naturally in coffee and bread as well as ripe fruit. Despite being organic compound, it does not guarantee the chemical to be toxic free and safe. It turns out that acetaldehyde is among the toxicchemicals used in fracking.

To produce acetaldehyde is mainly by oxidation of ethylene. Originally was a widely used, it starts to decline as people more aware of the toxicity of acetaldehyde. The hazard that acetaldehyde can expose is irritant and carcinogenic. The only plausible reason why it still on market is because human body digests it easily due to it being organic.

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  1. Copper

Another chemical that is toxic in fracking is copper. Copper is widely used but there is strict rule where prolonged use and direct contact is prohibited. The chemical is comes with formula Cu. It often also included in fracking. Copper has high electrical conductivity and often used in cable wiring.

The possible hazard copper expose is that copper may cause poisoning as the body may not be able to absorb the substance. People need special protection when dealing with the raw material of copper. Otherwise, it may lead to danger. However, the chemical is still safe under non consumption use.

  1. Formaldehyde

The next chemical is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a dehyde compound with formula CH2O. The liquid other uses is to prolong a body of organism and delay degradation. However, formaldehyde is very toxic for living being. There are several hazards that formaldehyde can expose to human is irritation on eyes, nose, skin, and throat.

Moreover, the chemical also increase the likeliness of asthma, pulmonary disorder and rashes on skin. That is why during fracking, necessary protection from formaldehyde is important. Furthermore, it is best to use alternative chemical that is less toxic. 

  1. Acrylamide

Acrylamide is an organic compound with formula C3H5NO.  The chemical is odorless as well as colorless. It is one of the chemical used for fracking. Aside from that, other functions include management of waste, paper making, and logam making. This chemical can occur naturally on fried potato or extract of frying process. The danger that acrylamide exposes is carcinogen.

Research had found this chemical to be highly carcinogenic. Moreover,  acrylamide can also cause irritation and health problem. Thus, it is better to use personal protective equipment to avoid harmful consequence from getting exposed to acrylamide. Related to List of Chemicals Known to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity

  1. Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl chloride is the next chemical used for fracking. It is an organic compound that is colorless and often found in plasticizer. Other uses of benzyl chloride are as mix of perfume and flavorants. Although people used it widely in building block, there is a strict rule where benzyl chloride are not allowed for use that come in contact with the environment. 

It is because the chemical is highly toxic and may trigger bioaccumulation. Aside from that, the chemical is also very irritable to human skin. When exposed to benzyl chloride, there is chance for the skin to experience rashes and other skin problem.

  1. Diethanolamine

Diethanolamine or DEA is among organic compound that is soluble in water and colorless. Those reasons are why fracking uses it as one of the chemicals needed. Eventhough the chemical is soluble, it does not guarantee the chemical to be safe.

Research found diethanolamine to be highly toxic and considered carcinogenic. Therefore, when water fracturing or fracking occurs, there is strict use of it and the safety requires a high attention in order to keep the environment safe from diethanolamine contamination.

  1. Napthalene

Another chemical used in fracking is napthalene. Napthalene itself is a chemical with white solid color and occurs naturally from burning process. The chemical commonly found in insecticide as well. As it works by producing toxic gas to kill insect, the toxic gas is also dangerous for human, especially for pulmonary system.

People will experience dizziness, headache, nausea, and for worse  they will experience a pulmonary problem when naptahlene gets into them. Therefore, always protect the body from direct contact with napthalene. Use glove and mask in order to do that. Otherwise, use alternative chemical to avoid the danger of napthalene.

Other Harmful Chemicals Used in Fracking

Here is the list of toxic chemicals used in fracking:

  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Propylene Oxide
  • Toluene
  • Dimethyl Formamide
  • Xylene
  • Diesel
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Thiourea
  • Lead
  • Athylbenzene
  • Benzene
  • Cumene
  • Nitrilotriacetic Acid 

How to Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Fracking

Here is how to avoid toxic chemicals:

  • Use personal protective equipment
  • Use alternative and safer chemical in exchange of the toxic one
  • Check the toxicity before and after fracking
  • Check the fracking site before applying it.
  • Use other method for fracking

Fracking itself is a process of breaking the ground to pump natural gas or oil. The pumped ones are necessity in our life and it has big value. However, it does not mean putting life on line as well as environment a price to pay. Safety consideration and chemical managements are still the two most important aspect. That is all about list of toxic chemicals used in fracking.

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