7 List of Glyphosate Products Australia – Is It Safe to Use?

As the awareness of a more green diet, agricultural industry grows fast with Uses of Potash in Agriculture Fields – Plants Growth as example. Many industries are aiming for a mass production of agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits. List of Glyphosate Products in Australia To maintain the stock, farmer often use herbicide that will […]

20 List of Toxic Chemicals Used in Fracking and Its Effects

Chemical is highly interconnected with our lives. There are many chemicals with various function. One of its function is used for fracking. Unfortunately, some of the chemicals can be toxic just like some in the List of Banned Toxic Chemicals to Avoid. It is because some of the chemicals contain substance that not always suitable […]

7 Internationally List of Banned Toxic Chemicals to Avoid

In an era where the use of chemicals in industry is unavoidable, almost all parts of environment are contaminated by certain degree of various chemicals. Some of them are not harmful, while the others may cause imbalance to nature. And when it comes to nature, it does not include animals, plants, and their habitat only. […]