What Happens When You Mix Dark and Light Liquor?

The art of mixing chemicals is seeing the reaction what both compounds can do. There are Chemicals Combination We Should Never Mix because they are too dangerous. Some mixture just give a useless result, others can make you feel nausea and also some mix that can explode.

Whether you are mixing cleaning agents, medicines, sometimes combining two things in the same categories is bad. You would think that two cleaning material combined will be a super cleaning agent that double the effect. In most cases that is not what happens.

The same thing that goes with mixing things out of Household Chemicals Used To Make Drugs and drinks. Having the same liquor and mixed them up, can be a bad thing. Something to expect from mixing them up is either it will explode or it will make you sick. Mixing Light And Dark Liquor Just like the reason Why You Are Not Supposed To Mix Light And Dark Alcohol, mixing liquors are not a good idea. Drinking any kind of drinks is not a great idea in the first place, let alone having more than one type of liquor. Before considering What is the effect of both chemicals, first, let’s look into the difference of both liquor. Dark Liquor It has a darker liquid scheme due to high congeners. Some of the famous brands in the world that fall in dark liquor categories are
  • Brandy
  • Whiskey
  • Red Wine
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Some cordials, including Irish Cream
Light Liquor The opposite of dark liquor is light ones. it has a lighter color that stretches from white translucent to mild brown. As you might have guessed it. It has lowe congeners in it. Moreover, the world’s famous light liquor is
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • White wine
  • Clear or white rums
  • White whiskey
Both liquors has different reactions when it enters the body. Dark liquor has a more stressful effect on the body. That is the reason why you do not feels well after drinking. That is behind the reasons why some people can not handle dark liquor and prefer the lighter ones that are more friendly to the stomach.  The reaction of Mixing Light And Dark Liquor.  The common reaction to the body after drinking are feeling unwell after sobering up. This effect is more visible when someone consumes dark liquor rather than light liquor. However, the body works differently in reaction to these drinks. So, not everyone who drinks liquor can fell the same thing. Although it is the tendency based on chemical research and trials.
  • Feeling Sick. Consuming dark liquor is enough to make you unwell. So, having other liquor, even the mild version is not a good thing. You can feel iller than ever.
  • Digestive issues. dark liquor makes your body sick normally because it is not familiar with the chemicals that enter the body. It is kind of  What Happens If You Mix Zapiclone With Alcohol. Although, the claims stills need to be explored. However, some drinks do irritate the stomach, and also adds the alcohol absorption.
  • Poisoning. The total quantity of alcohol weather is the dark liquor or the lighter one both combined, may influences intoxication and sickness. 
 Cautions  That is the more reasons to be on guard on the things that you mixed. Just because it is said that when you start wondering if Can You Mix Chemical If It Says So On The Label it does not means it works the same to everyone. Different people, different reactions.
  •  Drunk. Of course in a certain dose of drinks, you are bound to be drunk. It is just that if you start to drink light liquor then dark ones the likely you are just drunk. However, switching the order by drinking dark liquor first then the lighter ones, you will not feel too drunk or horrible in the morning.  But combining them just make you drunk faster.
  •  Longer to Recover. Although consuming any alcoholic drinks are bad at any level and dose. mixing some liquor together it just means you will have a harder time during the recovering process.
There is no telling what is the real result of mixing the two items. When you mix drinks, there is no accurate measurement. However, dark usually overpower the mild ones. So, in the end, the result from the body will be a darker liquor and also get reactions just the same as dark liquor want.