11 List of Chemicals That Get You High – Dangers – Effects

Humans have unique tendencies where they like to alter their state of mind, whether giving a small spark to reality or altering it completely. This practice has been done for centuries using various kinds of substances and methods. Things commonly we find like alcohol or caffeine to extreme drugs are used to giving us intoxicating […]

4 Differences between Reduction and Oxidation – Definition and Examples

In the early 17th century when the scientists started to recognize and begun to research about the chemical reaction, one of the very first theories that drew their attention was this oxidation and reduction theory. The combustion of woods and rusting metal reaction was the one which interested them to take this chemistry to another […]

Chemical Analysis of Seawater – Formula – Composition – Salinity – Uses

Sea water or salt water obviously has special chemical and physical properties than the regular water. The chemical analysis of seawater is important in order to fully understand the properties, containment, chemical reaction and other qualities of seawater. This article will focus on describing the chemical analysis of seawater, chemical composition of seawater, salinity and […]

Acid in Water Reaction – Theories – Formula – Experiment

In chemistry, understanding the basic concept of acid and base is really important. The characteristic of acid and base is vital to know how they would react with other types of matter. By knowing its properties and reaction, we can avoid any possible hazard from acid or base reaction. One of the popular chemical reaction […]