8 List of Chemicals Allowed in Organic Farming – Safe Chemicals

As many health organizations ruled out most chemicals as harmful chemicals effect on human health, many people has set their attention on organic farming list of chemicals allowed in organic farming instead. The difference between conventional and organic farming is the use of chemical. In organic farming, chemicals use are not as intensive as conventional one. […]

8 Safe Chemicals for Swimming Pools – Substances and Uses

Everyone should be agree on the statement that summer is the best season of all. The sun rise so bright and everyday is beautiful without rain just perfect time to go outside to the park or other outdoor space to do tanning or simply enjoy the air. With the heat temperature it would be also […]

3 Safe Chemicals That Can Be Dangerous in Everyday Products

Many people thinks that chemicals are dangerous. Meanwhile chemicals are not dangerous at all, some of them are safe to consume and can be used for us. We can found products safe chemical that can be hazardous to consume in food, drink, cosmetic or warehousing packaged. Even chemicals inside those products are safe, but they […]