8 Safe Chemicals for Swimming Pools – Substances and Uses

Everyone should be agree on the statement that summer is the best season of all. The sun rise so bright and everyday is beautiful without rain just perfect time to go outside to the park or other outdoor space to do tanning or simply enjoy the air. With the heat temperature it would be also perfect time to dive in the water on the beach or the swimming pool.

Swimming in the water pool seems so refreshing and undoubtedly will charge your energy back. Putting a whole of your body into the pool will make you surrounds by the water pool that contain many chemicals in it. Now I mention that pool water contains chemicals (read more: chemicals in water) might make you wondering what are the chemical used in the swimming pool.

Knowing what are the chemicals in the swimming pool will give you insight and precautions about the common chemicals used and whether if it is safe for our body to get in touch with it directly. Thus, we have gathered information about safe chemicals for swimming pools so you could know and maybe apply this chemicals in your private swimming pool like listed below :

1. Calcium

Yes, calcium. The most known chemical that needed by our bone is also on the swimming pool water. Yes it is very safe for us to swim around it but you might be curious what for is this chemical in the water ? Water needs calcium as if you do not provide it, the water tend to lack for it and seek to fill its appetite by feasting on your pool’s plaster, and anywhere else it can get it.

So, to prevent things like this happen you could add calcium hardness increaser to the water. Wise tips is to use this on ideal level of 175-275ppm.

2. Chlorine

There is some debate out here that chlorine is not a safe chemical to be included in water pool. The main reason people put this chemical into their swimming pool is as sanitizer. Chlorine is known as one of the most effective bacteria and algae killer and comes with best cost.

This chemical with symbol of Cl comes in various form for pool water such as tablet and powder. Tips for using this chemical is search for product with Trichloro or Dichloro as an active ingredient as it is type of chlorine that are stabilized.

3. Bromine

Another alternatives besides using chlorine as sanitzer is using Bromine. This chemical has symbol of Br and count as the third-lightest halogen. People prefer this chemical than chlorine since it does not have that chlorine smell but when it comes to certain types of algae it does not work as effective as chlorine.

Tips : it is better to use this chemical for indoor pool as the sunlight burns up bromine quickly because it’s unstabilized.

4. Biguanide

This is the branches of organic compound with chemical symbol of HN(C(NH)NH2)2 could be the other alternative of using chlorine as sanitizer agent in your pool. Other than used as sanitzer for pool water it also used in antimalarial drugs. Even though it is more safe than chlorine it is cost more than the usual chlorine based sanitizer. 

5. Cyanuric acid

Another sanitizer agent chemical that can be used in water pool is cyanuric acid. This chemical compound with formula of  (CNOH)3 has effect to kill micro bacteria as well as other sanitizer agent. This chemical based product is usually used along with chlorine as it is help to protect chlorine from damage by the ultra violet rays. Wise tips regarding this chemical is always use at suggested amount of 30-50 ppm. (read more : harmful chemical on cleaning products)

6. Lithium hypochlorite

To make your pool water free from bacteria it is suggested an oxidizer to it. Among other chemical used as oxidizer lithium hypochlorite is one of them. This chemical with symbol of  LiClO is an effective agent to be a disinfectant at your pool.

This chemicals is also easily dissolve after treated to the pool water making you safe to jump to the water soon after the treatment. Recent study found that amount of 500mg/kg cause clinical signal and mortality on rats so wise tips is not to use it around that amount.(read more : safe chemical to clean oven)

7. Sodium bisulfate

Safe chemicals for swimming pools, this chemical is also known as sodium hydrogen sulfate, the main reason you put this to the pool water is to reduce the Ph concentration in the swimming pool. It is known that you need a balance Ph of 7.5 to make the water perfect to swim in. This chemical will reduce Ph level when it is rising above 7.6 ppm.

The chemical symbol of this chemical is NaHSO4. Tips : this chemical will not only reduce Ph it will also lower the total alkalinity of the water. (read more : Sodium sulfate functions in daily life)

8. Sodium Carbonate

If sodium bisulfate is used to reduce the Ph of water, then this chemical works in reverse as in it will increase the Ph level. This chemical with symbol of Na2CO3 has many names such as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals. This chemical is used to increase Ph when the Ph is lower than 7.2 ppm.

Other than being a Ph increaser it also contain strong alkaline thus a wise advice is never to use this chemical ingredient in 50% or above concentration as it will irritate our human skin. To know more about this chemical read Sodium Carbonate Uses in the Home and Cautions.

So, to summarize this list about chemical used in the swimming pool basically those chemicals are used for three main reason that is sanitizer, oxidizer and water balancer. Sanitizer uses to kill the bacteria and algae of the pool, oxidizer is used as complement of the sanitizer and only use periodically around per month or weeks and water balancer to maintain Ph and alkalinity of the water.

There now you know what to do with the pool water or simply know what people put in the pool water. So, please always use safe chemicals for swimming pools. Enjoy swimming!