What Is The Disadvantage of Using Chemicals On An Oil-Spill On The Water?

Huge disadvantages for the marine and underwater life if there are some condition when chemical accident or not, fall out to water. Oil spills are an example of highly dangerous List Inorganic Water Pollutant that can happen in the water. What Is The Disadvantage Of Using Chemicals On An Oil-Spill On The Water? Many things can […]

8 Inorganic Toxic Substances in Water – Water Pollutants

Water is a critical source of living organism. Without water, the organism will not be able to survive. However, as industry keeps growing, most of them prefer to dump their chemical waste on water. Hence, there are many toxic substances spread in water including list of inorganic water pollutants. These chemicals may affect the ecosystem […]

12 Toxic Chemical Found in Gold Coast Water – Water Pollutants

Gold Coast is a city in Queensland, Australia. Study claims that Gold Coasters pay more for water bill than any Australians. However, because of the use of chemicals in industry, the water flowing in Gold Coast may contain toxic chemicals list of inorganic water pollutant that can endanger both environment and the individual who drink the […]