Household Chemicals Poisonous to Cats – Love Your Pet

We are more than aware of the danger of household chemicals poses. As a human, we can read guidelines and follow all the safety instruction to any chemicals that we use at home. But our pets are vulnerable to experience harmful effect on chemical substance due to many reasons. What Chemicals Can Kill You, the household plant and our pet?

Our pet is curious about being and always attracted to smell and colorful items. The poisonous chemicals that often place underneath attract cat attention because they are closer to carpets, lawns, garage floors, cleaning agent and pesticide residues. Some household chemicals that dangerous to our cats at home include.

  1. Theobromine

Eating chocolate is very healthy for a human, there are many Chemicals In Chocolate That Make You Feel Better but it is not the same to cats. Different cats have a different reaction. Chocolate does not go well with cat digestion and can make them really sick.

  1. Xylitol

We may think sharing food with our feline friends. As sweet as it may seem, there is a reason for cat food. It is the food that was made for cats only. There is a long List Of Artificial Sweeteners You Should Avoid such as Xylitol is highly toxic that can make them either severely ill or even death.

  1. Fruits

Small fruits such as marble size grapes or strawberry are easily left over the counter or under the sink. The hidden places that we do not usually seek and clean. If we can get their hands on those little sweet fruits then it is a series problem in our hand. They would likely be sick and has a severe issue with digestion.

  1. Cleaning Agent

Cats can sick in various ways and reason. The stuff in the kitchen like the Harmful Cleaning Chemicals that hamper the digestive system due to the direct ingestion of a toxic substance.

Some dangerous toxins are absorbed directly through the skin, especially because our cat likes to lick its paws. Cleaning agent also can cause real damage by inhalation a chemical substance. Our cat can have hair and fur problems as a result of grooming.

  1. Detergent

The white soft flakes from detergents are often dangerous if swallowed by our cats. The contamination can be as easy as walking freshly cleaned clothes and licking their paws.

The great danger to exposure on detergent may easily slip the homeowner radar. Symptoms of detergent poisonous include vomiting, drooling, hard on breathing, and maybe even lost of conscious  

  1. Pesticides

Harmful Effects Of Chemical Pesticides On Human Health to apply on our cat. There is even more danger lurking out a pet, because there are even chemicals that are safe for human, but not for cats.

The chemicals that were meant to kill animals are even more dangerous. Things such as pesticides, rodenticides, and insecticides were meant for unwanted rat, insects, mice, and many harmful animals.

Curious cats can easily get sick or even die when they encountering a rat that has been contaminated with rodenticides. if this happens you can be sure there is no safer solution. The greater danger happens if the cat exposed to these pest-killing chemicals without our knowing. Then, a trip to the vet will be too late.

  1. Medicine

Both human or veterinarian medicine can be deadly for cats. There are many cases where feline improperly eats human medicine or they are an overdose on veterinary drugs.

Cats do not handle drugs very well. Especially if they consume non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) drugs that extremely lethal.

The effects on cat including stomach ulcer, digestion issues, and kidney failure. Other drugs such as acetaminophen can damage to cat red blood cells, anemia, swollen face, hard on breathing, and in the end, it can lead to death.

Domestic pets such as cat and dog have huge priority, especially for district smelly objects. As a pet owner and also a responsible household owner, you need to keep toxic chemicals away from kids and animals. you will, later on, find out about Household Chemicals harmful For Dogs as well as for cats. Take really good care of your pet, as they take good care of you.