What Happens If You Get Liquid Nitrogen on Your Skin?

The human body is not supposed to come in contact with chemicals. So, it only makes sense that your skin has various reactions when it comes in contact directly with chemicals. There are Banned Chemicals In Sunscreen that can damage your skin although there are also Good Chemicals In Skin products that compliment your skin.

Beside skin products, there are also other chemicals that are not supposed to be for skin products but more for industrial or cleaning usage. Some have various reaction to the skin. Maybe you have heard about the reason Why Does Silver Nitrate Stain Human Skin, so what about other chemicals such as liquid nitrogen? What happens When It hit your skin?

Liquid Nitrogen

It is one of the many Characteristic And Uses Of Nitrogen in daily life. In liquid form, nitrogen is used for industrial and medical purposed. Although lately, it gains more popularity in cooking and also entertainment area.

The uncommon usage of these chemicals allow people who are not usually in dealing with chemicals in great harm due to their unawareness. That is Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard. 

Liquid Nitrogen And Direct Skin Contact  

When dealing with Chemicals people often use mask or gloves. It prevents direct contact with the skin and avoids the unwanted result. But, what happens really when it touches the skin?

Is it going to irritate the skin and leaving it with a disturbing mark? Or it does not have any effect on the skin? What happens when liquid Nitrogen make contact with the skin?


The liquid in the form of liquid can be changed into another form such as gas. It remains in the liquid form if it is kept at extremely low temperature. It can freeze matters in their current form and lower temperature. That is why liquid nitrogen is useful in keeping bacteria and virus at low temperature.

Moreover, it is also useful to lower the heated machine in an industrial area and maintain a safe environment. But, other than that usage, the individuals working with this substance also need to be careful. When it comes in contact with a warm object such as the human skin, it vapors and turns into a gas.

  • Brief Contact

Liquid nitrogen is colorless and has a boiling point of -195 Celsius. Due to its extreme temperature, people need to handle it with care. However, in a brief second like when you splash it against your hand by accident or even pour it over your head like many YouTube videos have demonstrated. In that short second, your skin creates a protection shield and turn the liquid substance into gas.

Moreover, besides the chemicals reaction, there is no severe damage to the skin. If the contact is brief and not any longer then you would be just fine. Your skin also will not have any effects at all or cause any irritation or swelling whats so ever.

  • Longer Contact 

This cryogenic fluid substance can cause rapid freezing when it comes into direct contact with any living tissue. Unlike the many YouTube videos that demonstrate a quick contact between liquid nitrogen and the skin. No one is brave enough to do a video that shows what happens when the skin stay in a container filled with liquid nitrogen, because it is very dangerous.

The danger of Liquid Nitrogen with the exposed skin is when it happens for a longer period of time. The Leidenfrost effect does not work anymore. You can experience frostbite, a numb sensation in your hand and even lose your hand.

Unlike stain in the skin when it comes in contact with silver nitrate, longer contact with liquid nitrogen can not be the cure. You can experience frostbite and may damage the skin that comes in contact directly with liquid nitrogen. Therefore, no matter what videos show about trying to see what happen to your skin after an impact with liquid nitrogen, you need to be careful with it.