How Long It Takes to Die from Drinking Drain Cleaner?

Before we discuss on how long does it take to die from a drinking drain cleaner. First of all, we need to know what are the types of drain cleaner are.

Types of Drain Cleaner

There are 3 types of drain cleaner ;

  1. Caustic drain cleaner

Caustic drain cleaner is one of the most liquid drain cleaner that is used by most people. It helps to unclog your sink due to food particles that is building up.

It contains of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is very corrosive. When it react to water it will create an exothermic reactions and produce heat. This type of drain cleaner will work effectively on sink.

  1. Oxidizing drain cleaner

Oxidizing drain cleaner is a liquid drain cleaner that will unclog your drain by taking electrons from the materials that clog the drain and oxidized it. It contains of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and nitrate (NO3-).

When it reacts to the material it will also release heat just like caustic drain cleaner. This type of drain cleaner will work effectively on bathroom and toilet. Hydrogen peroxide also has other uses which you can read on : 18 Hydrogen Peroxide Applications &; Industrial &; Medical &; Cosmetics

  1. Acid drain cleaner

Acid drain cleaner are the most corrosive and the most dangerous drain cleaner compare to the 2 drain cleaners that we have discussed earlier.

It is made of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) that is very well-known as the most corrosive chemicals after Chloride Acid (HCl).  Because of its corrosiveness, this drain cleaner could dilute probably anything, from food particles, paper, tissues, hair and even clothes.

How Long Does It Take to Die From Drinking Drain Cleaner?

The same thing will happen when someone drink bleach, someone or even yourself accidentally drink drain cleaner, it wouldn’t take too much time for it to react inside your body, even a small amount of drain cleaner could cause severe burn to your mouth and esophagus, because most drain cleaner contains corrosive and acidic chemicals.

When the chemical already cause infection to the esophagus, in less than two days someone could die due to breathing problem because the esophagus will likely to be swallowed.

Besides die to breathing problem, it also can cause die to starvation, because someone will hardly eat with an infection esophagus. It is also can create holes in stomach because every corrosive chemical will break any cells tissues and the worst case it could cause cells tissues to fall out.


That is why you need to keep every household cleaning substance in a safe and cool place and avoid mixing them together. If you see anyone who seems to drink chemical substances, immediately call an ambulance, police, or a poison control. Do the first aid by giving them a glass of milk or water, and never try to induce vomiting for it will cause even worse infection.

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