What Happens If You Put Your Hand in Liquid Nitrogen and Keep It There?

Today chemistry has taken their places in magic shows, chemistry classes and also YouTube videos. People now have more interest in chemistry more than ever. And on the name of entertainment, choose some of the most dangerous chemicals out there and turn it into a show for views.

It is driven with the questions of What happens when someone does this? and what would happen when they do that?. The truth is there is the various chemical reaction when it comes to Two Household Chemicals That Explode When Mixed.  let alone when Chemicals meet direct contact with the human body.

Chemical Substance And Direct Reaction To Human

There is some Household Chemicals That Go Boom and also there are some that do effect on the human body. Apparently, people are drawn on exploding stuff, especially if you can do that in the comfort of your house. You can take any every day chemicals and create exploding effects.

In one side it opens up people ideas about the art of chemistry. On the other hand, it also poses threads beyond their recognition. Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard and take the important actions to avoid it. So, people who are not professionally deal with chemicals know lesser knowledge of the proper safety that they needed.

What Happens When You Put Your Hands In Liquid Nitrogen And Keep it There

First, you need to understand what is liquid nitrogen in the first place. It is a liquid form of chemicals that is very useful to keep things in freezing forms such as bacteria and virus for medical purposed.

It is also has a large impact on keeping heated machinery in factories from overheating. But direct contact with a human is not exactly something scientific that researcher bid into to find out more.

Reaction Liquid Nitrogen And Human Hand

There is a distinct difference in human body temperature and liquid nitrogen. You can actually have a quick interaction with liquid nitrogen and be ok with the result.

There are Chemicals You Would Not Want To Smell because it is too dangerous, and yet you want to make direct contact with a chemical. It is either very bold or very stupid thing to do. However, a longer interaction such as dipping in a very long time can result in more dangerous effects.

  • Pour Liquid Nitrogen to Your Hand: If you pour the liquid substance to your hand then the water will instantly turn into gas and vapors into thin air. As long as the water substance just pass you by then it can not hurt you.
  • Put Your Hand In A Liquid Nitrogen Container And Stay There: You can damage your hand and experience frostbite. It is like when you are questioning Why Does Silver Nitrate Stain HUman Skin,  it just does and you need to work around it. Moreover, everything is depends on how long you put your hands there. Even a minute can make you lose feeling in your hands, frostbite and you can probably end up losing your hands. 

Explanation Behind it

When you left your hand into a liquid Nitrogen container, you will experience these things. Now, different people may experience different effect. However, in general this is what happen next.

  1. The Liedenfrost effect may protect your hands and make you feel numb and nothing at all.
  2. The nitrogen gets into your skin and then keep the rest of the nitrogen away.
  3. Your skin will be cool enough that the layers of the skin will start insulation until it freezes. If you take out your hand at this point, you will have a case of frostbite and the frozen cells are
  4. Holding the hand in the liquid nitrogen any longer can make the entire hand damaged.

So, in the end, you can actually hold a liquid Nitrogen even it is just a second or so. The liquid will turn to thin air and you got no hurt what so ever.

However, it is different when you put your hands and dip it in the liquid nitrogen. You can literally damages your hands. So, what ever you do, handle chemicals with extra care and cautions.