What Compounds Are in Perfume? (Flavor and Fragrance)

Everybody loves perfume! It makes you feel better and boosts your confidence. Thus, what compounds are in perfume? Check this lists of perfume ingredients below! The Ingredients of Perfume You may be asking about what compounds are in perfume, so here we go! Also read about List of Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients Canada 1. Butane – Butane is […]

The Use of Sodium to Stuff Fish – Compound and Process

Sodium is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Na and atomic number 11. It is a soft, silvery-white, highly reactive metal. Sodium is usually found in salt. Actually it becomes compound with chloride ions with the ratio 1:1. Its (sodium and chloride ions as a compound) chemical symbol is NaCl. NaCl is the chemical […]

What Is The Chemical Composition of Urine in Human?

Human urine is produced by kidney, it’s the waste of your body from bloodstream. Meanwhile, urine variables come from some primary substances. Them you may be asking about what hat is the chemical composition of urine in human? Check this one out! Compounds and Ions in Human Urine Water (91%-96%) Its chemical formula is H2O. Note: […]

13 Harmful List Of Banned Food Additives In Many Countries

We all know that processed or packaged foods are not good for your health. However, there are many known toxic foods, additives and preservatives that are banned in European Union and many advanced countries around the world. And when everyone think they food healthy  here some list of banned chemicals in food additives in many country. […]

6 List of Chemicals Used in A Medical Office – Compounds

Chemicals are widely used in the medical office, from the time of examination in the laboratory, to diagnose the disease until the healing process of disease as there are many List of Chemicals Used in Everyday Life and common industry. Drugs are one of the chemicals that are often associated with humans. Someone who takes the drug […]