Household Chemicals to Kill Ants – Simple and Easy Life Hack

Dealing with the question What Household Chemicals Can Kill You goes beyond what can kill human but also apply to plants and animals. Take for example ants. These little guys lining up making a line of the army taking your sweet stuff to the inside part of your house.

A line or two seems harmless, however when you are thinking about where they go and what they build up under the unseen eyes. Then it is better to remove them once and for all

There are cleaning agent and pesticides or other chemical substance that can remove these little yet annoying little fellow. But before getting too chemicals why not look into some of these household products to kill ants without pesticide.

1.Water and Vinegar

Among various usage of vinegar such as to Household Chemicals To Test Gold and make a demonstrative explosion, it also can be used to kill ants. The steps needed to make the mixture are very simple. All you need is a sprayer, water and vinegar. You put water and vinegar in equal ration such as 1: 1 and put it into a sprayer.

You can spray the mixture to the lines of ants or the entrance area where ants are coming in and out. You have to follow the lines to know for certain where to spray. This will kill the ants and targeted their colony. The mixture is harmless to humans and other animals. However, it leaves a hint of smell behind.

2. Lemon Juice and Water

Another natural ingredient to removed ants is lemon juice. This acid fruit works well with water and most importantly it does not leave an annoying smell behind.

You can use half of the lemon to three parts water. Make sure you squeeze all the juice out and give the mixture better condense. You can spray to the ants walking by or the entrance outlet.

3. Citrus Blend

Another healthy, safe and smells good solution to kill ants, is by using everyday household chemicals from various fruits that contain acid. It is also a great Acid Solution Examples to reuse the unwanted part of the fruits that people do not eat.

Use the skin part that you peel of grapefruits, oranges, or lemons and blend everything into a puree. Afterward, pour it into the ant hill in your backyard or on the corner of your house. This is the safest way and also fragrance way better to kill ants.

4.Boiling Water

If you do not have any of the above chemicals, then another nontoxic way to kill and by household items is by using boiling water. It is easy yet poses several critical steps that may require some attention.

You need to make sure the water stays hot and boiling to reach the colony and the queen. Do not forget you also need to pour it carefully, because human skin that comes direct contact with boiling water can make the skin problematic.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth has various usage as a very useful household product. It is the same chemicals in deodorant, facial scrub, and toothpaste. You can use it by smashing it and sprinkle it over the kitchen cabinet, window sills, door and also ant hills.

It works for any type of ants as well as the perfect solution for critters like lice and roaches. Handle this chemical with caution such as mask and gloves. Therefore, Why SHould An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard.

6. Dish Soap

When you are thinking that a simple soap can clear out ant lines all the way to the ant hills, that it is so true.

A mixture of water and dish soap put into a sprayer sprinkle is safe for human as well as an effective solution for killing a variety of insects. The solution is also effective in killing the remaining ants.

7.Boric Acid

Another natural chemical that can kill ant is Boric Acid. This substance is highly effective to kill ants as well as another insect such as roaches. You can mix this chemical substance with sugar that attracts ants. After you leave it out in the open, the ants will take the sugary element back to the colony and kill any ants that deal with the substance.

However, this substance poses some danger when human accidentally consume it. So, make sure to handle it with care with the right safety measure. When it is swallowed, a human can experience sign such as dizziness or vomiting.

There are many Cool Experiments To Do At Home With Household Items which are easily found around the house. Whether it is part of everyday spices or natural fruity chemicals that can cleanse your body as well all the unwanted pest in the house. Take all the right precaution by cleaning the house spotless and not leaving scraps of food that drawn pest, cockroaches and ants that make your house, not hygiene.