5 Household Chemicals to Test Gold – Easy Ways

Although we all know the answers to the question What Household Chemicals Can Kill You which makes them dangerous for human health. There is actually some benefit with the proper usage for using the household everyday product to test the authentication of Gold.

This precious metal has amazing properties that can be seen and identified through examination by using simple household chemicals. The process itself is quite experimental that also will amaze your kids or friends when you do this at home.

Protect your gold assets and make sure that they are genuine by doing some simple experiment in the kitchen using the household substance to test gold.

  1. The Acid Test
You can test gold and just about any type of metals by using acid as a media to test if your jewelry is real gold or not. This is a Cool Experiments To Do At Home With Household Items that anyone can do. The test will not damage real gold yet only harm the fake gold materials.

Take the gold that you wish to test, and clean it from dust. Put it in a container to have a better look at how the test going to react. To make an acid test it is as easy as taking a drop a liquid nitric acid over making a scratch mark on the piece of gold.

The fake gold will react into green right in the spot that the acid drop. While the true gold will have not to react whats so ever.

2. Testing With Magnet

If there are magnet around the house. It is also one of the household items that can be used to test gold. This test is very simple, just put a magnet close to gold suspected material. Real golds will have no response to the magnet and will not be attracted to one.

The magnetic test is one of the easiest and most practical out of other tests. You can carry around the magnet and just put it next to the golden objects. So, it is the most likely to be performed when need a quick confirmation.

3. Using the Float Test

If you are lucky and the fake gold is made from a material that is really light then dipping it to a cup of water is another test to determine if the gold in hand is really gold.

Any genuine gold no matter what size they are will sink right to the bottom. While imitation will either float or will hover sideways to the bottom.

4. Vinegar Test

As a cleaning agent, we can use vinegar as a household substance that Uses Acetic Acid Daily Life. The chemical substance can clean a real gold or change color to the fake gold.

You can put a glass of vinegar in a cup without mix it with anything and just dip the gold in. Then wait for 15 minute and no more. A real genuine gold will have a great shine, while fake ones will experience changes of color which will be hard to turn back into gold. 

5. Skin Test

When you are wearing fake gold jewelry for a long time then your skin will experience irritation and a change of color. The chemicals in the hand will react to the skin and turn the fake gold into black or green color tone.

Skin irritation due to direct contact can be very troublesome. Therefore, make sure to wear genuine gold, especially if you have an allergy to fake gold material.

This kind of these does not apply to everybody. There are people who have no reaction to fake gold and can wear them conveniently as if they are the real deal. That is Why Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard.