What Happens When You Mix Ibuprofen and Alcohol? Is It Gonna Be Harmful?

Alcohol is already not a healthy choice for daily intake. So combining it with medicine or drugs may have various effects. It like when you wonder What Happens If You Mix Zopiclone With Alcohol or the time that you find out Why Arent You Supposed to Drink Alcohol With Antibiotics.


There is a wide range of alcohol, to begin with. There are lighter shades of alcohol and darker ones. The lighter tend to have lesser effects but do no to see What Happens When You Mix Dark And Light Liquor.some troubling effects may happen.

People will say it supposed to make you drunk, but in a certain case, it actually can help you fall asleep, so medically people can use it when they have insomnia. So, what about when you are having a headache, fever or in a lot of pain? can you cure it with alcohol? some people may say yes, but oftentimes doctor will give you Ibuprofen.


This prescribe medicine is nonsteroidal drugs that you can easily purchase over the counter. Some of the popular brands that sold this medicine are Advil, Motrin, and Midol.

It is a basic medical cabinet content that can be consumed for something as simple as flu symptoms. It is also among the few medicines which are Safe Chemicals To Use While pregnant. But, what happens when you accidentally take Ibuprofen and alcohol?

Alcohol And Ibuprofen

Both chemicals have a drowsy and light-headed effect when you are in a cold or flu. There is a mix of feeling uncomfortable that you are having. You haven’t gone to the doctor yet, as the simple flu can just easily go away by taking alcohol, ibuprofen or in a mist of feeling unwell you consume both alcohol and ibuprofen.

The fact remains a combination of medicine and alcohol can be dangerous or making the effect of the substance to be less effective. Moreover, there is even some mixture that is highly dangerous. In term of Alcohol and ibuprofen here are some of the reactions.

Reaction From Mixing Alcohol And Ibuprofen

What happens when you mix Ibuprofen and Alcohol? The common reaction of consuming both substances are irritation in the stomach and intestines. Anything that is not organic or natural can hit the liver badly.

Mixing the two-component of Alcohol and Ibuprofen can cause side effects that vary in severity depending on the dose and intake of each substance. although in general and in the small dose, you will experience no significant health issues.

  •  Nausea. If your stomach and digestive just simply can not digest both chemicals, so there is a chance the first reaction will feel nausea. You may be able to sleep it off or ended up throwing up. Either way, both are a reaction that you need to be careful with.
  • Gastric Bleeding. The two combinations hurt the intestinal and make your stomach feel weird and uncomfortable. Some of the symptoms include upset stomach, tarry stool, vomit with a hit of blood. You need to see the doctor when this happens.
  • Kidney damage, this is a long term effect of constant using of both chemicals. The sign of this health issue is short of breath, easy feel tired, swelling, especially in your hands, feet, or ankle 
  • Decreased Alertness. Both Ibuprofen and alcohol can make you relax but together they can become a risk of not paying attention and causing your alertness to decrease. That is the reason people taking medicine are not advised to drive.
  • Stomach ulcers. Both can irritate the digestive tract, and cause stomach ulcers. The doctor often suggests taking medicine before or after eating. This to prevent any unwanted bleeding. So, when you drink alcohol instead of eating, it may cause some type of bleeding.
  • Increased drowsiness. You will feel a bit off when taking medicine or drinking alcohol. So, combining both just add the drowsiness. You may experience excessive sleepiness or an inability to function.

That is several reactions of the body by taking Alcohol and Ibuprofen at the same time or too close together. People need to watch and remember what they consume particularly when not feeling well, consulting with a doctor is always a good idea.