67 Job Opportunities after Bsc Chemistry (#TOP High Salary)

Bsc (Bachelor of Science) is a degree given to undergraduate academic student from their science major. The students usually get this degree after finished a study for three till five years. Meanwhile, B.Sc Chemistry is the admission for those who want to spread their knowledge and education of chemistry. Also, by taking chemistry major you may explore your mathematical, computational skill, and research by practice. Further, B.Sc Chemistry opens a large opportunity for you to hold a bright chemistry career. Meanwhile, if you are a final-year chemistry or a fresh graduate there and worry about your future, here are the job opportunities after B.Sc Chemistry that you may chase in.

Meanwhile, having a B.Sc Chemistry degree must be a big achievement for your entire life. Thus, your parents must be so proud of you. As chemical industry is the basic element that needed in every field, likewise food production, medicine, electronics and even more. Indeed, here are the best job opportunities after Bsc Chemistry.

1. Analytical Chemist 

Analytical chemist is a highly technical job that requires a long experiment and skill. Meanwhile, analytical chemist is the professional that is working to obtain substances and materials of science. Then, what an analytical chemist holds all kind of industries such as checking the quality of food, analyst nutrients value, water, identify environment, diagnose disease, work to classify virus and bacteria, and more experiment in science. Meanwhile, an analytical chemist have a big responsibility on their experiments to apply in daily life. Also, an analytical chemist can earn as much as £16,000 to £22,000. Thus, the qualified ones can even earn more than £30,000 to £50,000 a year.

2. Biomedical Scientist 

Biomedical science is basically working on research and analyst focused on medical science. The biomedical scientist job desks are analyzing organs, virus, cells, immune system, bodily fluids, and tissues. Thus, a biomedical scientist is also the one who have a responsibility to analyst micro-organism, analyzing the effect of some medicines, doing sample-testing procedures for cases. Indeed, this high technical job range a big salary and great future opportunity. Likewise, a biomedical scientist trainee get £21,000 and £28,000 in their early career. Then, a middle level biomedical scientist ranges for £26,000 and £35,000. Meanwhile, senior scientists with at least five years experience earn up to £70,000.

3. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering job descriptions are manufacturing and designing experiments to create a safety environment for those who work with dangerous chemical,  fuels, and drugs. Also, they work based on scientific and engineering principals.  Further, a chemical engineering is usually working in biotechnology and health care industries. Their main responsibility is to design a clear, safe, and efficacy workplace for the employees who work to process liquid, gas, or other chemical and harmful materials. Meanwhile, the medium salary of chemical engineering is about $97,360 to $104,920 for longer years of experiments in this field.

4. Research Scientist

A research scientist is that person who sticks with experiments in many fields as their workplace is laboratory-based. Indeed, the responsibilities of a research scientist is to plan experiment, analyze data, organize product, give report, present the experiment result, write the result, and more linked to its experiment. Also, they need to present their experiment to senior or organisations who need their research to develop scientific subjects. Meanwhile, research scientific can work for government laboratory, environmental agencies, food companies, research council, and more industries. Indeed, a research scientist earns $76,961 per year.

5. Lab Chemist 

Lab Chemist is a high technical job to create new compounds from chemical material that uses human life. Likewise, they work usually for pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals, and also many industries. A lab chemist work in science laboratory to find and test complex equipment, then they write report for further experience. Indeed, the average of lab chemist earns $77,860. Yet, the senior ones earn more than $100,000.

6. Material Engineering Technologist 

Material engineering technologist work based on engineering and science theorist to test materials. Meanwhile, a material engineering technologist personal characteristics are they must be smart in mathematics, science, physics and chemistry. As they job duties are metallurgical testing, analyzing the failure in workplace, minimizing the machine failure, mechanical testing, and checking the material qualities. Thus, a material engineering technologist must be graduated from related studies such as chemistry, physic, mathematics. Meanwhile, the average of material engineering technologist earns about $87,518.00.

7. Production Chemist 

Production chemist is the one who manages the production in laboratory. Meanwhile, the main responsibility of a production chemist is to handle laboratory equipment such as observe the lab supplies. Also, their job duties are to monitor the progress of lab tests, lead the chemical production based on guidelines, prioritize the lab plans, ensure the material and experiment result, and more. A production chemist needs to train the junior chemists and take all responsibilities of the lab activities. Meanwhile, the average production chemist earns about $23.96 per hour.

8. Production Officer 

Production officer is the one who plans all needs and stuffs for the production in the company. Meanwhile, a production officer prepares future goals based on sales market. They also make schedule and determine what equipment that the officer needs. Further, a production officer controls the systems, orders, and also check the quality of finished product. Indeed, the salary of production officers may be different in many countries based on their duties. In New York, they earn about $120,390 and it’s $125,380 in New Jersey. Yet the average of production officer earns $93,940 – $103,720 per year.

9. Quality Controller 

You can choose a career as a quality controller if you have B.Sc Chemistry under graduate degree. Meanwhile, a quality controller is the person who test products based on the standard. Indeed, a quality controller may hold career in many industries such as food company, laboratory, health care, government, and more industries. Basically, the job duties of quality controllers are to check the quality of a product, perform to the manufacture’s specification, and determine if there is a problem in the product. As a result, the average of quality controllers can earn about $36,000 but it depends on the experience and career level.

10. R&D Director

R&D (Research and Development) director is the leader of a company who ensures if their company has reach the goal in researching new product, chemicals, technology, or other experiments. A research and development director have a big responsibility to ensure plans, budget, projects, all details. Indeed, A R&D director based salary figures $133.000 per year.

11. R&D Manager 

R&D (Research and Development) manager leads the company to assist the formulation, research the scientific development, and create the R&D files. Also, a R&D manager does the research paper, proofreading, and the final project result. The requirements to be a R&D manager are those people with a minimum of the Bachelor of Chemistry. Indeed, the base salary of a R&D manager is between $84K and $179K.

12. Safety Health And Environment Specialist

Environment Health and Safety (EHS) focus on all sectors safety including emergency, fire, and more environmental programs.  The EHS Specialist work to eliminate the risks of dangerous chemicals, materials, or pollutant that may effect bad for health. They may do research to analyze to quality of food, soil, air, and more substances. Indeed, they based salary is between $41.000 near the bottom to $86.000.

13. Chemistry Teacher

The most wanted future job from Bachelor of Bcs Chemistry is being a teacher. Thus, you can teach chemistry subject in high school or university. Indeed, a chemistry teacher will guide the student to the chemistry theories, exercises, and experiments. Meanwhile, being a chemical teacher will also earn much.

Another Professions for Bsc Chemistry

14. Laboratories – Works in laboratory for some experiments.

15. Manufacturing and Processing Firms – Manufactures Product for companies such as food company.

16. Technical Journals – Writes on Journals for the current issues of its experiments.

17. Medical Research – Do research for medical sectors.

18. Testing Laboratories – Tests the laboratory’s next products of experiments

19. Utility Companies – Researches for company in chemicals sectors.

20. Medical Laboratories – Works in laboratory to research medical experiments.

21. Oil Industry – Works in oil industry to approach various aspects in oil.

22. Waste-water Plant – Based salary is about $62,604-$105,773 due to different sectors.

23. Engineering Firms – Earns $107.000, $92.000, or $86.000 each firm.

24. Petroleum Companies – They figure $100K per year.

25. Power Generating Companies – May earn $17.78 per hour.

26. Pyrotechnics Manufactures – You can earn $94,730 per year if you have this job.

27. Pharmaceutical Companies – A scientist on this field can earn $90,000 to $110,000 each year.

28. Pyrotechnics Manufacturers – Earns $94,730 per year for a better life.

29. Research and Development Firms – Earns $97,230 per year and more salary due to experiments.

30. Seed and Nursery Companies Schools – Teaches on nursery company schools about chemistry and related fields.

31. Agricultural Research Services – The salary is $4,980 and $5,985 per annum.

32. Biotechnology Firms – Earns $68,277 per year based on the titles.

33. Chemical Industry – They can earn $104.000 per year.

34. Chemicals Manufacturing Companies – Earns about $77040 (average)

35. Cosmetic Companies – Works in cosmetic company to research new cosmetic product.

36. Forensic Crime Research – Works for government to identify crime by forensic test.

37. Heavy Chemical Industries – Works to analyze heavy and dangerous chemical and new experiments.

38. Hospitals – Sure, work in hospital in medical sectors.

39. Industrial Laboratories – Works in laboratory for industry with big salary.

40. Civil Services – Works for government department or agency.

More Professions for Bsc Chemistry Degree in Various Sectors

  • Lecturer
  • Technical Writer/Editor
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Chemist
  • Cytologist
  • Plant Biochemist
  • Clinical Research Specialist
  • Geneticist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Pharmacist
  • Research Associate
  • Researcher
  • Radiologist
  • Toxicologist

Indeed, having Bsc Chemistry degree is sure one of the best achievement of yours. Thus, there are many job opportunities after Bsc Chemistry for your future life. As a result, no matter what your decision is, may your future jobs belong to chemistry background and bring you big salary.

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