7 List of Glyphosate Products Australia – Is It Safe to Use?

As the awareness of a more green diet, agricultural industry grows fast with Uses of Potash in Agriculture Fields – Plants Growth as example. Many industries are aiming for a mass production of agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits.

List of Glyphosate Products in Australia

To maintain the stock, farmer often use herbicide that will remove any non-beneficial plants that will hinder the growth of the products. They are usually made of chemicals from glyphosate production. Australia is no exception.

However, as the rise of use, there is suspicion on the hazard of glyphosate. Below is the list of glyphosate products Australia.

1. Roundup

Roundup is famous herbicide brand with main ingredient of glyphosate. It works to remove weeds from the main plants. Many countries including Australia circulated this product. Glyphosate in Roundup actively kills weed around the main plants.

However, some research found the active ingredients are not able to control the span of killing. Other, non-pest animal also in danger to get killed since the concentration of glyphosate in Roundup kills almost every living being live near it. Roundup is currently the most popular herbicide with glyphosate content. However, its use needs serious consideration when some count even ban thr glyphosate.

2. Monterey Glyphosate

Another product that uses glyphosate as the main ingredient is Monterey. Monterey is a herbicide that contains 41 percent of glyphosate. Aside from glyphosate it has surfactant in which the company claims for reconcentration the chemical to kill only the unwanted plants within the ecosystem.

However, glyphosate is still a non selective herbicide therefore it will still kill anything where people use it. The product comes in gallon with various size starting from pint to 2.5 liter of gallon. The price of Monterey is a little cheaper than Roundup and farmer still use it in Australia as alternative.

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3. GlyPoSel Pro

Similar to Monterey, there is another product of glyphosate that has 41 percent of glyphosate. It is GlyPoSel Pro. The herbicide can kill weeds along with the 15 percents of surfactant. This can only work in non crop and industrial area since it is non selective product. What comes as unique is the container the company come up with.

The mechanism is people only need to spray where the weeds are and after that the leaves will start to get brown. It is not recommended to use it on crop because it will kill everything thus if it gets to crops and fruits it will immediately kill them. Also beware of the contamination as glyphosate can turn into very toxic to human body.

4. Apparent Concussion

The next glyphosate product in Australia is Apparent Concussion. Apparent Concussion is a weed killer that contains glyphosate. Apparent Concussion comes in various size and percentage of glyphosate. The product can kill weeds for perennial and annual weeds.

The herbicide can only work for non crop plants. Use it using sprayer as solution with water. Do noy directly use it against human skin in direct contact and make sure to wear mask and boot as prevention from contamination and toxic channelling.

5. Glyphosate 875

As the name suggests, Glyphosate 875 is a glyphosate based herbicide to kill weeds and unwanted plant. It contains concentrated glyphosate with surfactant. Moreover, the product dissolve in water easily in which it helps to clean out contamination once it gets sprayed.

During spring, the grow of grass in the lawn can be frustrating and by using this product it can help to eliminate them. As for the effect,beware of glyphosate sign of contamination as frequent contact with it can cause several health problems from headache to poisoned organ system that lead to cancer and death.

6. Zero Weed Killer

Another product that is near popular as Roundup is Zero Weed Killer. Just like other non selective herbicide, Zero Weed Killer contains glyphosate. It helps to kill outgrown grass and weed on your lawn or garden. As it is a non selective herbicide just like other glyphosate product, when people apply it to fruit it will kill the plant immediately.

For other unwanted plants that grow very near to the main plant, then non selective weed killer will only bring disadvantage instead of benefit. Thus, only use this weed killer for an entire grass or weed.

7. Weedmaster Duo

A popular glyphosate product in Australia known for its dual salt components to kill weeds effectively. The herbicide also works for aquatic plants so it is suitable for unwanted plants in river, creeks, as well as drains. As it dissolves in water easily, the company claims this product not as a threat or pollutant to environment.

However, the glyphosate is still a toxic chemical thus users need to use proper personal protective equipment.
Beware that glyphosate is one of the chemicals chemists consider as toxic to human. Here are the symptoms of glyphosate contamination.

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Symptoms of Glyphosate

  • Burns in Mouth
  • Increase of Saliva
  • Nausea
  • Vomitting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abnormal Indigestion

When the symptoms appear after contact with glyphosate, go to doctor immediately to avoid worse effect and more chronic disease. Make sure to always use PPE and use it only for non crops as the chemical also can contaminate fruit and vegetables. Always wash fruit and vegetables and better to choose the organic one ad herbicide can harm human health.

Glyphosate Disease

  • Cancer
  • Birth Defect
  • Failed Kidney
  • Colitis
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Diabetes
  • Hypochondriac
  • Depression

Glyphosate herbicides are widely used and many famous products in Australia contains this chemical as this chemical is very effective to kill weeds. That’s all the list of glyphosate products Australia. However, as it is non selective, it can reduce harvested crops and plants instead if farmer use it directly to them. Keep in mind that glyphosate is only for an area with entire grass and weed. That is all about glyphosate products in Australia.

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