8 Importance of Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemistry plays a lot in both industry and daily life. Its benefit and use helps to advance thr productions of various items as well as pharmaceutical development. The type of chemicals often found to be very beneficial in medicine industry is organic chemical.

Importance of Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry

Organic chemicals are part of organic chemistry where the chemicals come from natural source or naturally occurring without artificial compound. Organic chemistry is really important in pharmaceutical industry as shown by the following list.

1. Medicine Discovery

Organic chemistry is really important for medicine discovery. Many medicines come from natural source in which the right extraction will benefit human health. Moreover, medicine from organic compounds tend to be safer compared to medicine from laboratory experiment.

Moreover, the effect is also more long lasting and thorough. Example of great discovery from organic chemistry is garcinia cambogia from mangosteen that helps to treat cancer and prevent cell damage. Therefore, organic chemistry is really important to discover more beneficial and safer medicine in pharmaceutical industry.

2. Support Study of Disease

Here’s the importance of organic chemistry in pharmaceutical industry. Not only organic chemistry provides cure to disease, through this field people can also discover the cause of disease. So many diseases originate from natural source or phenomenon and by using organic chemistry experiment, scientists can see through some disease phenomenon.

Also, the disease course occurs in human body need comprehensive understanding on human chemicals that are organic compounds. For example, in order to understand gastrointestinal problems, scientists can learn from the organic chemicals inside the organs such as acid and amino as well as strange intrusion of the chemicals.

3. Diagnose Disease

After knowing the cause of disease through study of organic chemistry, medic can define and diagnose symptoms occurring on human body as per the identified diseases. Therefore, people who catch disease can get treatment immediately with the right medicine and the right treatment.

For example, the study of chemicals within brain will help to identify any disturbance inside of the brain. Any strange occurrence that is not in the list of the study will help yo diagnose the disease occurring within the brain. Seeing how vita the role of organic chemistry, it proves that organic chemistry is beneficial and important in pharmaceutical.

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4. Help Regulate Diet

In pharmaceutical, it is important that the right medicine or treatment will help human to have better health. Through organic chemistry, human can regulate the diet based on the balance of chemical in the body. To find out the benefit and which chemical is more crucial for the body, thus people can find the attachment right pattern of diet.

For example the amount of carbohydrate, protein, mineral, and the level of acid in the body as well as the reaction between two chemicals in the body helps to determine the food intake for daily consumption. The amount of food intake and nutrition in it helps to maintain human’s health. 

5. Discovery of Cleansing Agent

In medical and pharmaceutical industry, it is important to keep all the goods intact and hygiene. In order to maintain it, people need chemical as cleansing agent. Cleansing agents help to sanitize, sterilize, as well as extraction of some chemical from its roots. Cleansing agents help to modify more kinds of organic compounds and more benefit to get.

Moreover, cleansing agents help to diffuse solvent and separate compound that will help to create a more humanly drugs and medicine. Seeing as how its benefit is great, in order to obtain it people need to be familiar with it in the first place as to produce the right effect.

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6. Discovery of New Drugs

Drugs mostly are from natural sources such as leave, seed, or roots of plants. Only through research in organic chemistry that someone will be able to discover a drug and its effect on living being. Drug does not only work as a cure to some disease but it also help in medical operation such as for anesthesia and painkiller.

The effect of the raw material would not be effective or even safe if not through research of organic chemistry first. After pass the research scientists can determine a new drug and whether it has some great effects on living being or not. This sure proves the importance of organic chemistry in pharmaceutical world. 

7. Further Research Analysis

Human body consist of organic compound and the health of human almost always centered on the disruption of organic process. This is why organic chemistry is important because research of new diseases and cures of them need the understanding of organic chemistry.

Also, organic chemistry consists of large field of chemicals in which many chemicals are from natural source. A doctor or pharmacist need to have a good deal of knowledge of organic chemistry before diagnosing and prescribing drugs to the patients. Otherwise, it will lead to fatal effect.

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8. Enrich Medical Study

Pharmaceutical heavily relies on medical world as it centers around medicine and other health related compound. A pharmacist should have sufficient knowledge of organic chemistry as the basis of drug prescription. Therefore, it is a must for medical students to learn about organic chemistry. Any occupation related to the field should feel familiar with the science. Therefore, one of the importance of organic chemistry is to enrich medical study as the knowledge is crucial in this field.


There are several importances of organic chemistry in pharmaceutical industry. world basically because pharmaceutical centered around cure and disease while the cause as well as the medicine of this phenomenon all comes from natural course. Therefore, organic chemistry holds important position for those who study and work in pharmaceutical industry.

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