Uses of Ammonia and Compound as Fertilizers in Agriculture – Pros and Cons

Fertilizer is common in agricultural industry. The soil in the earth is no longer able to sustain plants and other agricultural products on its own. Therefore, to sustain the quality of agricultural products have long use fertilizer to ensure the plants and crops grow well. The production of fertilizer as list of importance of organic […]

17 Uses of Potash in Agriculture Fields – Plants Growth

Plants need nutrition, various kind of nutrition, just like human. We need carbohydrates, sugars, lipids, proteins, all from different sources in different forms in order to grow healthily. So does plants, growing plants isn’t actually as simple as putting it in a pot filled with soil, water it everyday. Well, it might works, but slower. […]

30 Harmful Effects Of Using Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

Agricultural is one of the oldest sector human’s know, with many of many development in this area it is safe to say that one of the greatest discovery of all are chemical fertilizer and pesticides. This product surely brings benefits in agricultural development. It brings wide range benefits from improving productivity, yield reduction, vector disease […]