24 List of Chemicals Used in Dyeing Industry – Types and Uses

Textile dye stuffs are all colored substances that have the ability to be absorbed by textile absorption and easily removed again. The utilization of natural dyes in general still use dyeing techniques to dye textile materials. Therefore, the research team feels the need to develop the use of natural dye with screen-printing techniques. This is […]

118 List of Chemicals on the Periodic Table – Symbol – Atomic Number

this article will talk about the list of chemicals on the periodic table. the method of grouping and naming has various histories. The grouping of elements based on the similarity of traits develops from the simplest to the most modern. Here are some of the origins of the systematic development of chemical element names: you […]

12 Chemicals Used in the Tanning Process

Have ever wondered how your favorite leather wallet and bags looks so great and long-lasting? there must be some sort of chemicals used in the process of its making. This article will talk about the list of chemicals used in the tanning process. The Tanning Process  The leather industry itself is an industry that focuses on […]

21 Harmful Chemicals in Tattoo Ink – Compound – Cautions

This article will talk about the harmful chemicals in tattoo ink and also its bad effects. Tattoo itself is an artistic activity that a person undertakes to express himself in a permanent painting on the surface of his body. Tattoos are also used as a way to show one’s identity. Not everyone can have a […]

Chemical Formula and Uses of Magnesium Carbonate

What is magnesium carbonate? what is its chemical formula and uses? Magnesium Carbonate is a compound component in the table that has the symbol Mg, nuclear number 12 and nuclear molecule 24.31. Magnesium is the most bounteous snapper component on earth and it incorporates 2% of the Earth’s outside substance regarding weight, when it is […]

3 Applications of Physical Chemistry in Daily Life

The application of physical chemistry in daily life is the phenomenon whereas the law of physic and chemistry applied in things that happening everyday in our life. Before that, we better know about the physical chemistry itself. Physical Chemistry, Branch of science focusing about connections and changes of materials. Unlike other branches, it manages the standards […]

27 List of Toxic Chemicals Severely Restricted for Import and Export

The chemicals trading culture between countries in the world are very fast growing due to the economic needs in every country. The action is widely known as chemicals importing and exporting. These actions usually done is a massive scale, making it a very serious bilateral trade. That’s why, because of its scale and process, exporting […]

12 Harmful Chemicals in Air Pollution – Impacts – Solutions

In the modern days, the earth is getting sicker day by day because of all the pollution in it. One of the biggest source ins from air pollution and all of its harmful chemical. Check the whole story below to know more about harmful chemicals in air pollution. you can also read: Chemicals in Water Supply […]

All Calcium Properties and Uses in Everyday Life

Calcium is one of the most important that you can easily find element to everybody so here are calcium properties and uses in our everyday life. It is a chemical element with the symbol Ca and the atom number of 20. It is also one of the alkaline soil metal and is the 5th most […]

10 Interesting Facts about Alkanes – Information and Uses

These are some of the most interesting facts about alkanes you must know. Alkane is the simplest organic molecule which only made of carbon and hydrogen with only single bond between the carbon. Alkanes are the most casual and also least reactive hydrocarbon species which contains only carbons and hydrogen. One of the unique feature […]