Why Are Chemicals in The Laboratory Stored in Plastic Containers?

Most science laboratories use chemicals. If they focus on synthesis research, compound production, basic acid digestions, etc. Therefore, there are various types of chemicals used. Unfortunately, reports of incidents error from the storage of chemicals are far too frequent. Individuals handling chemicals must remain diligent in properly handling. Moreover, keep these hazardous materials in proper […]

4 Major Reasons Why Chemicals Are Stored in Brown Bottles

Chemical substances contain materials that could be dangerous. There are many chemicals in the laboratory that poses this treas.  Moreover, other utensil and equipment also come in large number and size. A laboratory is a place for people works with chemicals, it is very important to have everything organized. Toxic and dangerous chemicals require people […]

Why Should Chemicals Be Stored Away from Food? The Warning and Dangers!

Doing chemical experiments should be fun because we can learn how the chemicals react with other components and see how it goes. But some people forget the danger of this activity. Some people also forget about how dangerous the chemicals for our self especially our health. Chemical compounds have a lot of materials that could […]