12 Uses of Conductors in Daily Life – Types

Conductors are elements that conduct heat quickly and also can cool things quickly such as in wire coil in the back of refrigerator. It has function to conduct the heat of refrigerator to the air around refrigerator.

There are another uses of conductors in daily life as follows:

  1. For Cooking Equipment

Kitchen closely related with our skin’s heat if we can not stand the heat. If we are not careful, our hand will get hurt or get blister if we do not wear security tool or combination of isolator while using cooking equipment. Conductor cookware is required to deliver heat from the its source for cooking.

Cookwares are made of conductor are skillet, pan, fryer. Skillet is usually made of aluminum. Aluminum is light metal compared to other metals.

2. To Iron Clothing (Iron)

Uses of conductors in daily life – Iron is a human tool used to tidy cluttered clothing with the help of heat energy generated from the flow of electricity. The metal conductor material is placed under the iron in direct contact with the clothing. In order to be used  well, the top  of iron uses insulator material for the convenience of the user. Also read: Oxidizing Material Effects for Health and Environment

3. Soldering

Solder is a tool to connect electronics components. It is usually used in workshops or places to repair electronic appliances. Like other tools the only conductors that come into contact with the tool to be solder, the part that will be moved by our hand use the insulator.

  1. Copper Conductor for Electric Cable Fill

Copper is a pure metal that has a high electrical conductivity that is about 57 S. Copper works on the conductor cable. Cable that uses copper is wired cable, coaxial cable, NYA, NYAF and etc.

  • Wired cables: high-circular electric wires surrounded by insulation.
  • Coaxial cable: electric cable made of fine copper. It is stronger and more flexible.

One of the reasons why copper is used as a cable fill is that besides high conductivity, it also has resistance to high temperatures and moist air than steel. Its boiling point increase reaches 25950C. The material is strong, hard, elastic and able to loose or expand.

  1. For Grilling (baking) and Cake baking (oven)

Baking tools made of conducting materials are toaster and oven. Both use the heat from the fire to ripen the food. There is manual grill using charcoal, there is also grill using heat coming from gas (stove).

The difference with the oven is from the shape, the size of the laying of cooked materials and the type of ingredients which are cooked. The heat flow for grilling is only about at the bottom only and roasting wire is required above the heat source. The heat of the oven is distributed to all directions evenly to the food. (read also: List of Weak Electrolyte Examples

5. Gold

Although gold reacts chemically by free chlorine, good conductivity and general resistance to oxidation and corrosion in other environments (including resistance to nonchlorinated acids) has led to the industry being used extensively in the electronic age as a thin layer of electrical connectors of all kinds, ensuring good connection. 

6. Silver

In the auto parts industry, the benefits of silver are used in the manufacture of spark plugs. Spark plugs on the vehicle play an important role in supporting the engine heating perfectly. In this case, the best spark plugs for motor vehicles are spark plugs made of silver.

Silver has a small resistance so as to produce optimal combustion on the machine. As a result, the motor vehicle will work very well. This property is also the reason for the use of silver as a cable making material.

The conductivity properties of copper wire are not as good as silver wire. Of course this is directly proportional to the price. Silver wire is worth selling higher than copper wire. Fair enough, considering the quality is also better.

Silver wire will be packed and used as cables for various electronic devices. Starting from the power cable, audio connector cable, even the cable used for high quality loudspeakers. Silver cable can be found in the best quality electronic products with a fairly high price in the market.

For example, gold used in more expensive electronic cable connectors , such as audio, video and USB cables. The advantage of using gold over other metal connectors such as tin in this app is highly debatable. Gold connectors are often criticized by audio-visual experts as unnecessary for most consumers and seen as just a marketing tactic.  

Types of Conductor Materials

The use of heat or condenser in daily life is very important. We must also consider the best conductors that are used to fulfill our needs more effective and efficient.

  • Aluminum (Al) is the most abundant and lighter metal with a boiling point of 2792°K (2519 ° C, 4566 ° F). The material is lighter than the others so that it is often used as a basic ingredient of cookware.
  • Copper (Cu) is a good heat conductor but has a high corrosion rate. Its color is reddish orange and has soft character with a boiling point of 2835 °K (2562 °C, 4643 °F). Therefore it is utilized for electrical conductor in the form of isolated cable. If it mixed with lead will produce bronze. Copper is usually used for medals. Copper ions in high concentrations are toxic but in small amounts are required by humans and plants as an important nutrient.
  • Iron (Fe) has a boiling point of 3134 °K (2861 °C, 5182 ° F). It has a high economic value that is often used for everyday human life. Iron is used for the manufacture of fences, foundations and pillars.
  • Zinc (Zn) is an abundant element in the earth’s crust in the order of 24 with a boiling point of 1180 °K (907 °C, 1665 °F) and has 5 stable isotopes. Some people use it for the roof.
  •  Platinum (Pt) is a heavy, precious white and gray-resistant metal with a boiling point of 4098 °K (3825 °C, 6917 °F). Platinum is used as jewelry, laboratory equipment, automobile emissions control equipment.



That is the explanation of the use of conductor material and the type of conductor material as a consideration for the basic materials that are useful for human life. Hopefully explanation can be understood about the uses of conductors in daily life, increase knowledge insight and become inspirations for us.

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