14 Aluminium Uses and Properties in Everyday Life

If you heard the word “aluminium” you probably remember them being said over and over again. This particular chemical substance has the atomic number of 13 and the color of silvery-gray. As the most abundance metal that you could ever find in the earth, you probably realize that aluminium has so many uses in human everyday life.
The application of aluminium can be found in almost every specific area in human life, including automotive, medical, construction, and even another industry such as beauty and food.

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Aluminium Characteristic

Being the most abundance metal on earth, aluminium has the mass of 2.7 gram/cm-3. In this article, you can find out the uses of this particular metal in this everyday life. You probably are familiar with some of the uses as it is so commonly use in our life. However, there are another parts of it that you probably didn’t know it yet. Below are the characteristics of this particular chemical substance.

  1. Aluminium is light and relatively enduring when it comes to corrosion. This makes this particular substance often used as cooking utensils. These utensils are includes pans, frying pan, griddle, and even plates.
  2. Aluminium ’s electrical conductivity is twice as much as Cu (copper) and this makes it popularly used as electrical cable.
  3. If you melt aluminium together with other metals, you could get another stronger and even better metal. For example , when you melt Aluminium (Al), Copper (Cu) and Magnesium (Mg) together, you get a compound called Durallium. Durallium is one of the main component of the body of plane. They use durallium because of its strength and benefits (anti-corrosion, lightness, etc).
  4. Aluminium is very easy to recycle. This is why it is being the most abundance metal in the world, because you can get this particular substance through not only mining, but also recycling.
  5. The surface of aluminium metals are usually covered with thin layer of oxide. This helps aluminium protect their surface from air and eventually lead to its resistance to corrosion.
  6. Aluminium is a material that has a good defense when it comes to the change of weather. You can find that aluminium materials are very enduring.
  7. Being one of the material that has good endurance of heat, aluminium is an excellent material for products that’s required to have contact with high temperature.
  8. Aluminium is a material that is not that easy to burn and it has no residue.
  9. Aluminium is also a material that is very endurance of light. Lightwave brings no effect what so ever with this particular metal.

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Meanwhile, after knowing about the characteristics, here are aluminium uses and properties:

1. Aluminium is used as automotive parts

The lightness in aluminium makes it easy to mold and personalize to be fitted with automotive manufactures. Because of it, it is fairly easy for us to make this particular metal to be part of automotive products. We probably don’t know this, but actually almost every single one of the automotive producer needed this metal in their manufactures.

2. Aluminium is used in construction industry

The first building that is using aluminium as its body parts is Empire State Building. It is built in 1931 – and it is the tallest building in the world until the year of 1970. Nowadays, you could find aluminium in all kinds of construction products. From roof framework that is using this particular metal, all the way to the aluminium structures. Aluminium is one of the best metal to be used in construction because of its lightness and endurance to the change of the weather.

3. Aluminium could also be used as paints

You might want to investigate the ingredients of various paints in your everyday life, be it wall paint, iron paint, wood paint, etc. This particular metal could be crushed into little pieces and this resulting in excellent ability to cover the surface of another matter. This is why you would use aluminium as one main ingredients in paints. If you mix aluminium with other substances, you could get great coverage of paint with the ability to produce many wonderful colors.

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4. Aluminium often be used as product packing

If you like soft drinks, we’re sure that you are familiar with the concept. You can find aluminium in your foods and drinks packs because this particular substance is light and anti-corrosion, making it the favorite choice of product package in many producer of foods and drinks. This metal is also has good endurance of bacteria so you can use it without being afraid that the can you used is filled with germs.

5. Aluminium Paper

The uses of aluminium as paper wrap is one of the most common uses that you can find in aluminium. If you are using this particular metal as a wrapping paper, you could be sure that this is safe. There is no risk for poison contamination and you could use this to wrap your baked foods.

6. You can Use Aluminium as Cooking Utensils Material

If you use aluminium as cooking utensil, you can be sure that you are in for a safe utensils. The using of aluminium as cooking utensils are very safe and far from poison reaction. Easily molded and light, aluminium has been our favorite material for cooking utensils for very long time.

7. You can use aluminium as Electric Product

When you look at your cable at home and decided to open it, there is a high chance that you will find aluminium in it. Aluminium is a very good receptor for electricity, with the ability to conduct electric twice as much as copper. Other than that, aluminium could also be used in the fitting of the lamp, or even its protector.

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8. Aluminium is a good telephone cable material

Aluminium has an excellent response to the change of the weather, which makes it an excellent material for cable telephone. When you use aluminium in telephone cable, the safeness of your connection will be guarded. The material is very guarding when it comes to its protection against the thunder. This material makes it safe for you to use telephone when it’s heavily rain outside.

9. Antiperspirant Material

When you combine aluminium with other products, you can produce a good quality perfume or other skin care such as deodorant. This so-called material is very safe for your skin and has a good ability to make sure that your skin is far from irritation.

10. Aluminum as House Product

There are many plant holder (pots) that is using aluminium as its main material. When you use aluminium as its main material, you can find that these materials are environment friendly, much more so than ordinary plastic. With the safe material, these components could make it safe for the aluminium for people with asthma.

11. Electric Transmission

Using aluminium as electric transmission is much better than copper when it comes to its effectiveness. This is one of the reason of why more and more people are using aluminium in their electric transmission.

12. Increasing The Economy of Citizen

All in all, aluminium has so many benefits and is used so often in everyday life products. This makes its production increasing more and more, resulting in more people being hired in the manufactures. Of course this is another great benefits of aluminium: it increases the chance of people getting jobs and being productive.

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13. You can Recycle Aluminium

As a product that is capable of being recycle, you can find that aluminium is very beneficial because it doesn’t left much waste. When you recycle aluminium, you could get much benefits from it because it is environmental friendly.

14. Medicine Package

You can find that in several medicine (particularly capsule medicine), they use aluminium as the medicine wrapper. As a flexible material, aluminium is tremendously beneficial for doing this job.

So there you have it, aluminium characteristics and its beneficial in our everyday life. Thus, there are many Aluminium Uses and Properties that we commonly know. It is a good thing to find out the reason of why aluminium is such a beneficial metal on earth these days. Maybe you could be the next person to find out another benefits of this very useful chemical substance.

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