This is What Happen When You Mix Liquid Hydrogen And Liquid Oxygen

The wonderful world of chemistry allows a miracle to happened when chemicals met. When you combined Two Household Chemicals That Explode When Mixed things need to be more careful. Knowing the base reaction of each substance is incredibly important.

Some chemicals have an acid-base and others are not. So, in a way chemistry is knowing what goes together and what has a contrast effect.

Liquid Hydrogen And Oxygen Combination

Combining together two chemicals create a chemical reaction. As it happens the Household Chemicals That Go Boom received the most response due to its explosive effects. So, what about mixing Oxygen and liquid hydrogen, what happened between these two that can be quite entertaining.

What is Liquid Hydrogen?

There are more than 15 Hydrogen Uses in various areas, including a fuel replacement, cleaning agents, fertilizers items and many more. However, in the form of liquid hydrogen, it can more complicated then as it seems. This substance can create quite a spark which is quite surprising as well as very self-sustaining.

What is Oxygen?

Asking that question will make you seem uncertain about the substance that you commonly heard. There are a lot of Common Uses Oxygen Elements in our daily life.

This substance can help people breathe underwater when you are having breathing issues. It also works for various industrial purposed and helps the vehicles combustion effects.

Liquid Hydrogen And Oxygen Combination

So this question is actually an easy way of determining the relation between the two substance. History has noted, there are many Chemists Who Investigated The Composition Oh Hydrogen And Oxygen. The two are such an incredible combination, that attract interest to various people.

In term of form liquid, gas, and solid matter also affect how the two complement each other. For example, liquid oxygen should be above the freezing point of oxygen, and oxygen also above the boiling point of hydrogen.

In this mixture that you can see a condition where hot meets cold and something boiling meets something freezing. There is the various result that can come from the amount that each substance represent.

  1. Oxygen content that is larger than liquid hydrogen then it resulted in hydrogen gas.
  2. If the liquid hydrogen was more excess that oxygen. Then in then, you get a liquid combination of hydrogen and oxygen. This only happens when oxygen is soluble in water. With the normal level of lesser than 0.2 ppm. The result will be solid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, and some hydrogen vapor.
  3. The most famous result out of the two chemicals is it makes “rocket fuel” substances as it mixed within the combustion chamber. The two react and create a different type of substance, including a gas. The reaction happens when a large amount of gas escapes out of a nozzle built into the back of the rocket. The reaction makes the rocket flew to out of space before it reaches the designated space destination.
  4. The reaction also can make into a science project. So, if you are into chemistry and want to learn it, there are many open offices to feed that quality. It has a similar reaction to Baking soda/vinegar rocket activity that has similar the same mechanism.
  5. The most effective fuel replacement is when liquid hydrogen meets its oxidizer. It can lid up to the rocket as their fuel. A use a cryogenic rocket engine that is both gases liquefied and stay in very low temperatures (below −150 °C).
  6. Rockets need oxygen in space, where you can not find the same substance down there. The liquid hydrogen-oxygen rocket engines are the example of excellent chemical rockets that is safe and practical.

When you wonder the result of combining the two substance. The answers vary depend on the amount of each substance. It also shows how dangerous it is mixing compound and not knowing the right size and doze.