This is What Happen When You Mix Liquid Hydrogen And Liquid Oxygen

The wonderful world of chemistry allows a miracle to happened when chemicals met. When you combined Two Household Chemicals That Explode When Mixed things need to be more careful. Knowing the base reaction of each substance is incredibly important. Some chemicals have an acid-base and others are not. So, in a way chemistry is knowing what goes […]

7 Chemists Who Investigated the Composition of Hydrogen and Oxygen

Chemistry is major field in science. Almost all aspects in life have chemistry going on. Furthermore, the crucial field in the mankind developed as chemicals grow widely. All of that thanks to chemists who gradually discover or fabricate chemicals in their experiment just like chemists who contributed in the development of the Periodic Table. Although […]

10 Examples of Monatomic and Diatomic Gases – The Difference

Gas is a form of particles that move freely without being seen. The smallest part of the particle is called the atom. It turns out that the atom itself is composed of electrons (negatively charged particles) that surround the nucleus which has protons (positive mutant particles) and neutrons in it. Gas atoms can be monoatomic, […]

14 Common Uses for Oxygen the Element in Everyday Life

Oxygen is an odorless and colorless gas with atomic number 8 on the periodic table. This chemical element is also known as O and along with sulfur, selenium, tellurium and polonium, they fall into the category of chalcogens. The chalcogens is a group of chemical elements that occupy column number 16 and share similar physical […]