What Happens When You Mix Dayquil And Nyquil? Is It Gonna Be Harmful?

Have you ever been sick and wish you can speed the recovery process and double the suggested dose? Now, you would think that it will get you sooner result. One thing for sure you get twice as the ingredients.

Yet, the result for every medicine is different. It is like wondering What Happens When You Mix Xanax And Methadone when they are two types of same medicine with a similar ingredient.

Dayquil And Nyquil

Both are medicine to take cares flu symptoms with cough and fever counteract. Both have some chemicals content that when you take both of them it means pretty much you are overdoing it.

Flue and cold medicine commonly are among the List Of Chemicals That Can Get You High. So double dose your intake can be dangerous. Here are some chemicals in both Dyquil and Nyquil.

  • 650 mg of Acetaminophen, it reduces fever and pain
  • Dextromethorphan, suppress cough
  • Phenylephrine. it prevents swelling in the nasal area

DayQuil just as the name suggest it is for medication during the day. It is basically come from the same brand and has a similar ingredient. As for NyQuil, it is for night intake that adds doxylamine that makes you sleepy and helps you sleep better at night.

Moreover, Nyquil Liquid also contains a small amount of 10% alcohol, which is 30 mL bottle contains a similar amount of a glass of wine. So, what happens if you take them both?

Mixing DayQuil And Nyquil

When you find yourself wondering Can You Mix Chemical If it Says So On The Label or not. Look into the ingredient see if they are the same or contradict.

The same ingredient means you are doubling the dose. While contradicted ingredient can lead to a more severe situation. As for Nyquil & Dayquil, they have similar content with some addition to the NyQuil content to help you sleep better at night.


What happens when you mix Dayquil and Nyquil? There are some scenario that happens if you do decide to consume both. Although different intake causes different probability. Here is some reaction that may occur that deal with DayQuil and NyQuil as the flu and cold medication.

  • Accordance with medical intake, by taking both by not at the same time. you use DayQuil during the day and NyQuil for night usage. Even with the 4 hours apart are still adequate. Both labelings state only 4 doses in 24 hours. That is the healthy limit where every ingredient still works fine.
  • People with liver impairment, kidney issues or chronic diseases, may create a worse situation according to their current health condition.
  • One dose of Dayquil and Nyquil at the same time would deliver 1300 mg of acetaminophen. You will feel tired and probably also want to sleep more than ever. It will help sleeplessness night or even daytime drowsiness.
  • Different people encounter different effect. Even when you consume drugs according to its prescription you will feel some type of nausea, drowsiness, and lightheartedness. So combining both DayQuil and Nyquil you will experience heavier symptoms.
  • Some allergic reaction that may happen due to the combination of both medicine includes. rash, difficulty breathing, trouble swallowing and probably swelling in a certain part of the body.
  • When you mix both but takes too much DayQuil, in the long run, it related to significant liver damage due to the excessive acetaminophen.
  • When you take too much NyQuil when you are mixing both medicines. It causes you to be sleepier and your head just may hurt even more. This may also affect the house that you need to rest.

Taking too much out of the permitted dose is dangerous for several cases. Moreover, you can not expect your body to immediately heal do to certain conditions such as flu and cold when often times people do not consume medicine and just rest.

There are health issue on Why Should You Never Mix Chemicals Together.  Medicine from drugstores and doctor already measured accordance to appropriate health monitoring.

In terms of flu, you body needs more hydration and let the bacteria off by itself. However, if you do need to be fit right away, mixing both can be fine as long within several considerations and doctor approvals.